EMPERIC's Alpha Weekend (6-23) Feedback.

  • Hey everybody, my name is Eric or also known as EMPERIC and I am a competitive Breakaway player under the organization Eanix. Since this weekend of the Breakaway alpha is coming to an end, I want to discuss some feedback to help improve the game. Quick shoutouts to my teammates (Kronic, iKhoN, Traitorr) and some community members (Kalo, Fullmetal372) for helping me compile this feedback into the thread.


    Not going into detail but:

    Mouse Acceleration thanks to Latency
    The higher the ping was, the worse the acceleration would be.

    Double Tap bug
    Still an issue from Tech Alpha, randomly happens one game, fine the next.

    General Gameplay

    Beginners Tutorial

    Personally, the tutorial needs to be expanded upon. The tutorial teaches a player how to win in only one way, which is obtain the Relic and shoot it into the other team’s relay. There are a lot of newer players who are focused on running the ball and aren’t realizing that there are other ways to win the game. Give them multiple scenarios that go over each win condition and maybe make them queue into a few bot matches to get the hang of the game. I think the possibility of adding a leveling system and having the players level to 5 through bot games for example would be a fantastic addition in making sure that players aren’t thrown into the blue and given a tough time within the first few hours of the game.


    Right now, the three possible conditions to win a round are: Score the Relic, Wipe the team, or force into a territory round, where depending on what side the relic lands it gives a point to that team. Currently, this isn’t a great method. It doesn’t display skill, and it feels very random.


    Buildables are in a solid spot, but I would totally love to see the buildables from the December alpha return in a different fashion. Giving us the opportunity to also select what buildable we would like to use within a match wouldn’t just give us more options, but add another layer of depth within the game.

    Relic Attribute System

    The relic attribute system is a terrific addition of depth versus the old perk system that was in the December alpha.

    Even though the relic attribute system is a great idea, the balancing needs to be tweaked a good amount. For example, the +50 gold for fumbling the relic is nice, but if you are only getting about 20 fumbles a game, the 1000 gold in that game isn’t going to make that great of an impact to take that attribute over the other attributes that are currently within the game.

    I’m going to be going in depth within this topic, and while I understand balance isn’t the main priority, I do want some warriors to be helped.


    Let’s start off with Rawlins, by far one of the worst heroes within the game. Rawlins feels very lackluster currently. He seems to me that he is meant to be a mobile character, but his Q and Ultimate lock him into place, causing him to be a sitting duck. Adding the ability to move while casting those abilities will make his kit a lot more fluid, and will be an indirect buff since he would be able to move around and avoid getting his ultimate cancelled out within the second of casting it. Giving his range a buff would allow him to be a true ranged character, and not some kind of (bad) melee hybrid that he is now.


    Damage wise, Viktor tears it up, but he has some awful defensive abilities. His right click/bubble ability needs to be either fixed or buffed, since most melees are not affected by it. The auto attack from melee warriors go straight through the bubble.


    Since Alona is the only healing character in the game, she is by FAR a staple within most compositions. Adding another healer could totally fix this issue, but assuming that does not happen, a reduction of her healing should come into play. Her ultimate cooldown is also insanely low especially if the CDR item is built (which I will go into more detail about that later).


    In the current build, Kyra is solid and in a good spot. She may be one of the stronger ranged characters, but that’s because Rawlins is weak.


    Thorgrim is in an okay spot, but totally not to be taken over a Black Knight in BK’s current state. Thorgrim’s throw feels a little bit worse than what it was before, and the changes should be reverted. His throw made most of the kit and without it, it doesn’t feel the same.


    Argus is also in a very solid spot. Due to latency, his dash does bug out here and there and sometimes he gets a double dash due to the double tap bug. Also, his animations are floaty.

    Black Knight

    By far one of the strongest characters within the game. His overall combo is really strong in keeping players back. BK’s ultimate is too strong, it sometimes is impossible to get away from it. The cleave from his weapon is very wide, I've seen it attack multiple warriors in one swing.


    Overall, Jarra is strong but squishy. During the first few rounds of the game, her full combo (Ultimate > Q > Auto) causes a one shot and this can be super annoying if you are playing Alona or Kyra. Later into the game once items start to play affect she isn’t as strong as before but can still be unstoppable against people who aren’t targeting her or counter-building.


    Korryn is a solid character but seems to be a niche pick since Alona is just an overall better support. Korryn can be used as more of a crowd-control/damage character for most compositions currently.


    Cooldown Reduction

    This item is very weird currently. Even though the cost was increased heavily it still is a must pick for some characters. The item can be vital in the balancing of some characters but is very broken for warriors like Black Knight who 2 auto attacks bring back his skills in no time, making you feel like you are in an endless blender.

    Life Steal

    Cool item idea, just isn’t good what-so-ever. The OOC HP regen item is just a must take over this item for any healing needs.

    Mouse Acceleration is happening because of Latency/Server ping
    More Indepth Tutorial
    Change Territory
    Rawlins is weak, Alona and BK is strong
    CDR Item is vital in some character balance, too strong for others.
    Life Steal sucks.

    Overall, thank you guys for taking the time in reading my feedback, and much love to the Amazon Game Studio developers for being open to feedback, listening to the community, and creating a fantastic game that has a bright future.
    Make sure to follow my Twitch and Twitter and please leave any thoughts below. Thanks!

  • I can agree with pretty much all of this. I'll be honest, never thought of Rawlins as weak. But after you pointed out the stationary Q and Ult.... I can kinda see it. I definitely agree that Kyra and Throgrim really don't need to be changed, they'll just shift in importance ad changes to Rawlins and BK are made. Solid work man!

  • I agree with everything. For Victors shield if they took out the cast time would make it a lot stronger. This would help melee going through it and it would be able to be used more as an offensive and defensive. If it stays with the cast time reducing the cd a bit would also help as well but my biggest gripe is the cast time takes way to long. The lifesteal is to me completely useless vs the regen amulet which I run on every warrior. Buffing it may break it making it to strong, but I don't believe that is the answer, I'd like to see that item completely reworked into something that increases healing taken by x% amount and at level 4 auto attacks debuff enemy healing x% for 5 seconds for x amount of time (non stacking with a diminishing returns) making it a useable item on certain comps or vs certain comps. I would also like to see the devs add that the attack dmg increases healing done in text so new alona players automatically know if they take that item it will increase their healing.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    said in EMPERIC's Alpha Weekend (6-23) Feedback.:

    Beginners Tutorial

    Thank you for the feedback on the tutorial. Your feedback is basically the exact future goals for the tutorial, we want players to understand all the win conditions and to play Bot Stomp matches in order to gain an understanding of the game. Thanks again!

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