Korryn's Raven?

  • Very minor bug, but still a bug?alt text

  • When previewing Korryn, it started to create multiple ravens that overlapped each other, however now it seems the problem was fixed after I finished a game.

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    @netpixs Are you referring to the raven appearing behind/over other characters?

    Edit: I see it now. Picture wasn't loading at first so I only saw text. This appears to be the same issue though. We are aware of this. Thanks for the screenshot though. :)

  • @ags_cc It sounds like the visual bug I discovered has already been reported, but I'm not sure if the scope of this is known to the team. I've captured a number of images of this, and similar errors caused by swapping too quickly between screens/tabs (I use those words in the album interchangeably to refer to the Settings (Cog), Home, Warriors, and Help buttons at the top and the screens displayed after clicking on them. In the descriptions of the images I detailed some background on the content of the screenshot and/or how I produced/reproduced the visual glitches. Here is the album: http://imgur.com/a/KY9PD

    In short:

    • Swapping quickly between Warriors and other tabs while Korryn is selected seems to cause her raven to persist. Since there is an animation where the raven moves when you first open the tab or select her, doing so with varying timings can create multiple ravens in different locations.
    • This persists in any of the menus within the Warriors tab, as well as in the Settings and Help tabs. Quickly swapping between the Home tab and other tabs and ending on the Home tab can cause the character normally featured to be missing, and the ravens to be displayed.
    • Swapping quickly between tabs can display the screen for one tab while a different tab appears selected at the top
    • Swapping from the Help tab to the Warriors tab and back at certain timings (rather quickly) causes the Warrior's weapon to appear in the Help tab. This can also be done by fully loading the Warriors tab, clicking on the portrait of a different Warrior on the bottom than the one currently selected, and quickly swapping to the Help tab.

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    Hey! Thanks for the detailed information here. I've raised it up to our team!

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