ButtaButta Feedback #2

  • Another Alpha weekend in the books, another long 3 day wait until the next one. This feedback will be slightly shorter, as there wasn’t a whole lot changed between this weekend and last weekend, so much of the prior feedback remains the same.


    • Much of the terrain collision issues seem to have gone away, I can’t recall one time I got stuck on the terrain as in the previous alpha.

    • Crashes seem to be down across the board, I only crashed out of a match one time and that was during 4v4 queueing, never during solo queue (although this may have been isolated as I know others were having some issues).

    • Audio is much better, in fact I don’t know if I even ran into any audio issues whatsoever.

    • Metastream seemed to work a bit! (However, see THE BAD)

    • Most Warriors seem fairly balanced with a couple of standout stars in comp and solo play.

      • ButtaButtaJam's Tier List -- NOTE -- This is mostly a personal tier list with a bit of feedback from the community. I do not consider this concrete, nor am I disillusioned that this list could be vastly different for someone else.



    • [High] Performance is still atrocious when bringing up the scoreboard in game. Could be related to bringing it up while moving? Need to test further.

    • [Mid/Low] Metastream is [h]it or miss (XSplit) as to whether it would work properly or not.

    • [Low] No way to test metastream code changes while playing, unless I’m missing something (unable to save, files in use).


    • Still some UI hitbox issues in the main menus, specifically the Back buttons for warriors.

    • Still takes entirely too long to get out of a match. MXM is a great reference for how long it should take to leave. (TLDR - Final scoreboard can be progressed at the user’s speed, with an “Exit To Menu” button at the last screen).

    • End of Match UI still not showing about 50% of the time.

    • Character invisible or oddly stuck in the ground at the End of Match UI about 25% of the time.

    • Buying and selling items on Right/Left click only gave me trouble once this weekend, but I still stand by removing the ability to buy and sell on single clicks of the mouse and replacing it with a confirmation button.

    • Various UX issues with the ChatUI and Death Timers, mentioned in previous feedback post.

    Many of the characters remain in the same spot as the previous alpha for me.

    • Black Knight is the biggest culprit of needing a rework at the moment
    • Another healer entering the mix will help shake up the meta.
    • Viktor's shield needs some love, but he has a viable place in the current meta

    Clearly many of the issues from the previous alpha are still around but overall the game felt WAY more stable which is way more important to me at this stage. A lot of those quality of life issues WILL need to be addressed in the short term, however, as more people begin playing the game after seeing the great events the Breakaway Dev Team has been hosting.

    As always you guys can find me on Twitter and Twitch, and I look forward to growing this community with all of you!


  • Amazon Game Studios

    Great feedback, really appreciate you taking the time to write this up. Emails like this really help us focus on the issues that matter to you guys.

    Performance is one of our top priorities, but it is a complicated issue and will take some time to resolve. The rest of your issues I will pass on to our QA team and get on our backlog to fix depending on priority.

    • Black Knight will have some damage "modifications" this week. His damage is way higher than we want it to be.

    • Another healer will definitely be in our next 2-3 characters, I agree we need some variety in healer supports.

    • Victor is a tough one, he's got so many strengths that we didn't want his defensive to be too strong. But we'll take a look and see if we can find a way to make it feel better without making it stronger.

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