ALPHA 23-26 feedback and impressions from the game

  • Hello, my name is Michael and I want to share my suggestions and problems that arose during the Alpha test.
    Problems with that clashed during a test:

    1. Quite strange bots, sometimes they simply stood in place for 5-20 sec.
    2. 2 times I stuck in textures. These were the stones I hit during the slide
    3. I could not find a pvp match, but I think it's because of my region.(Russia)
      Moments that in my opinion can be improved:
      1.Animation of character movement and animation of the abilities of these characters sometimes interact poorly with each other.
      2.You can add more items available for discovery, but I think it's only a matter of time.
      3.In occasion of throwing, relics, you can add a swing system so that it flies further,the more swings, the farther the relic flies.
      4.Varieties of artifact improvement, such as the artifact on HP, can add a little protection or vampirism, for various combinations
      My impressions about the alpha test
      The game was very dynamic and interesting, although I was late to the beginning, I got a lot of emotions from the gameplay and graphics.
      The game is interesting even if you play alone.

    P.S. It's my opinion. Sorry for bad English.

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