Just a quick couple of comments about the game after my first session

  • Cooldowns feel kind of long, relative to other games with comparable match lengths. They're similar to cooldowns in Paladins, which has a game time of 3 to 5 times longer than Breakaway. This is somewhat mitigated by auto attacks being effective, and positioning being a really important skill, but for a character like Argus, you need to be able to get those dashes and get those interrupts in order to fulfill your role consistently. Otherwise, it's a great game! I love everything I'm seeing here on a fundamental level, and conceptually it's really strong.

  • Cooldowns feel about right for the pacing of combat to me, no complaints here.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Hey, thanks for the feedback.

    We're still tweaking cool downs abit but think they are pretty close. While we want to game to be fast paced, i think the pacing of the current times feels pretty good. And it makes you think about when you use them and the trade-offs involved.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this, I'd love to hear more opinions.

  • @zin_ramu I think cooldowns feel fine, but I'm also not someone who spams abilities on cooldown.

  • @zin_ramu

    I haven't noticed a particular skill's cooldown feeling too long. I had to get used to the defensive cooldown increase, but it feels fine now.

    Slightly off-topic question:
    Would a skill similar to Jarra's(e)/Merrick's(rightclick) that increases the cooldown of the next attack skill used against you be something that fits this game?
    Use skill on yourself->Jarra Pounces you->Jarra's Pounce now has +5 seconds to cooldown

  • Cool-downs are fine in my opinion. They go along very well with the current pacing of the game.

  • cooldowns are perfectly fine.

    reason 1: there is a cooldown item in the game
    if cooldowns are really that big of a problem you should invest in that item

    reason 2: almost every move in the game has CC meaning if there was low cooldowns you would be liable to getting chain cced and dying far easier than what the game currently allows

    reason 3: certain characters would be broken.
    imagine a character like bk with his ult being near off cooldown all the time, the game would not be very fun to play

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks for all the feedback, seems like general opinion is cooldowns are roughly fine.

    I also think they are pretty close, so no real changes planned, but we will keep monitoring it.

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