Kalo's Write-Up: Alpha Weekend #3 - Regression & Frustration

  • Hey everyone, Kalo here! No other intro, let’s get to it -- this week’s a doozy.


    Latency, bugs, jittering, and the rest of the “other factors” aside, the general server quality is simply awful right now. This is a core issue that needs to be drilled away ASAP.

    This week we experienced worse servers than the week prior, which had improved decently on the initial alpha week. This regression has turned off a lot of players to testing, and even despite the lower player pool, the servers still feel clogged and laggy, for lack of better terms. Improvements need to be made for next week’s test if we want there to actually be any testing going on.

    Servers should ideally be selectable by the player, however understandably because of the current community pool size, one or two servers might be left too empty with this addition. It poses the question: is that difference in quality for some, maybe even most, worth changing at the expense of others?

    I could go on for days. Kyra’s potency, the repetitive, staling nature of buffs (which I made recommendations for in my previous, Week #1 write-up), Victor’s bubble, unhealthy stunlock mechanics, Black Knight’s everything...but I won’t. Balance is important but shouldn’t be the #1 priority at this stage. However, I’d love to be a part of the conversation when it is in the spotlight.
    Actually, okay one thing: please drop the heal while carrying relic rune from 40 hp to 25, give or take. (Other runes need balancing as well, i.e. the damage reduction while holding the relic is likely never taken, and the gold on fumble could probably be doubled or something close to it without being over the top).

    Warrior Quality
    This is a different kind of issue. I’d like to disclaim that it might simply be because of the latency, but a lot of the ranged warriors don’t feel “good” to attack with. Rawlins is the primary example here. His projectiles go maybe 10 feet in front of him, yet they seem to take the same amount of time to reach their target as the sniper Kyra’s do. I hope this is explored deeper as I think the longer it remains untouched, the more of a looming issue and complaint it’ll be come.

    Try Mode
    Try mode seems to be in an entirely different build than regular multi-player. An absurd amount of decimal places show up on the MVP screen, damage numbers are different in some cases, and the Buildable Thorns heroic perk seems to additionally give all of your teammates’ buildables the thorns effect as well, a perk I heard was tested but was never supposed to make it to live. Something to maybe look at, especially because with such a lack of data given to the community, this was our only reliable way to test numbers.

    Quick Chat Lag
    My new least favorite bug and vote for what should be fixed immediately: anytime a teammate uses the quick chat in-game feature, the game freezes for 0.5 - 1 second, even longer when it’s spammed. Difficulty communicating with teammates you aren’t paired with is frustrating enough due to low use on the currently unbearable Twitch App -- it honestly baffles me that something as simple as this is able to cause so much of an issue.

    Servers worse than last week and suck, please fix ASAP.
    -Maybe add server selection?
    So much balance to be done, understandably not a priority.
    -BK and healing relic rune especially though.
    Improve quality of Ranged characters.
    Try mode seems buggy, was only source of controlled community testing.
    Quick chat freezes game, why?? Fix ASAP.

    I know this week’s write-up is very...constructive, but I feel it important to say it how it is. Bottom line, the Breakaway dev team has my complete faith, just trying to help them get through this rough patch with any effort I can.
    If you got this far, thank you so much for reading! As always, you can find me at my Twitch or Twitter, and feel free to leave any additions, criticisms, or thoughts down below: I’ll be sure to reply. Can’t wait to continue testing and providing feedback in the weeks and months to come.
    Stay safe and beautiful!

  • Amazon Game Studios

    You're making a lot of good points here.

    Regarding one in specific, Rawlin's range is very hard to read currently. That's something we considered during his upcoming visual design, and the new Rawlin's range is quite clear.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks for the post Kalo, we're always happy to read your feedback, we working on most of the items that caused your frustration, we're still releasing incremental bug fixes to most of the issues that you're facing with the servers.

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