Alpha Weekend (6-30/7-3) Feedback

  • Hey guys! How are you all doing?!
    KINETIC here from team Royal Netherlands Navy with my first ever alpha feedback.
    One last thing, if you don't like LONG posts, there is a TL;DR at the bottom. Cheers

    #1 Connection
    Now as you all might have experienced, the server lag and rubber banding this weekend was quite awful.
    There have been some posts about it both on the forum and on the discord server so at least I wasn't the only one experiencing this problem. Now personally I am not an IT specialist but I am sure the developers can figure out how to make the servers better.

    One more example from my end. I kept track on how my ping was overall during the day; Since I am from EUW I was most likely playing during the morning with US East and in the later evening with people from US West. Now my connection with US East was ... kinda bad, around 100-120ms. Which is... playable... if you like Alona... However on the US West server, where I was on when facing people like Bau and Bones my ping went up to 300 to .... a lot more than that. Yeah, it was terrible. I could teleport to buffs though... Although it took me the same amount of time when walking.. But ok, you get the point.

    My ping however to the EU Central server... was.... believe it or not... 10-13ms ping.. which I never got because I am probably one of the only active players in EU.

    So my suggestion would be... simply invite more people - So people from EU play with people from EU, USE with USE and USW with USW. Maybe this would be the easiest solution to at least get rid of some of the lag.
    But like I said, NO IT specialist here,, so correct me if I'm wrong.

    #2 Bugs and glitches
    Since the lag is one of the main issues we might not have stumbled on that many gameplay bugs since the lag can disguise some of them. But I try to at least list some of the obvious ones.

    • Character model glitch in the end screen
      Some sprites would be all over the place and had to 'properly load' when entering the screen after a match.

    • Floor glitch on El Dorado (/shrine of auros) (note; I play mostly Jarra, so not sure if other characters had this issue)
      When Pouncing (Q-ability) into the side of set of stairs (the ones you can't slide off) at the Buffs you could glitch through the stairs into the map.

    • When opening a chat window (ENTER) you cannot see what you are typing. You can actually send messages, you just can't see what you typed.

    That's about it for now.. Like I said, with a more stable connection we might be able to find more.

    #3 Character Balance
    Even though the lag was bad we can still talk a little bit about balancing.

    • BK... where should I start. I think we all know what his problem is. His damage is just way too high for a tank. If the damage will not be lowered at least make his ult more easily escapable even without a dash ability. There is probabaly more that should be fixed about him. But that's it for now. Let's not just NERF this guys into the ground. Just small steps at first.

    • Viktor. We all know that the Viktor 'bubble' (right-click) is pretty underwhelming. It should either be bigger, faster to cast, or leave a short stun allowing him to escape. Since this guy has no furhter escapes he is probably the easiest to kill. At first I thought his damage was not that good, but that turned out to be my bad since I didn't play him well... So yeah, let's first buff the bubble. We'll see from there.

    • Kyra. She is probabaly one of the, if not THE best character in the game if played well. She is in a very good spot although I think her E deserves a little tweaking. It look very cool to throw the relic up and catch it with your E into another jump and then score, but this is in my opinion a little too much. Even without the extra jump she is pretty much unstoppable. So I would suggest to at least remove the ability to jump another time after she catches the relic with her E. Shouldn't be the biggest nerf.

    • Rawlins. Ah.. rawlins.. In my book one of the most underperforming character at this moment. First off, PLEASE give this guy a possibility to animation cancel a basic attack into a Q (like kyra can). His kit just feels so... strange. He has so much mobility yet he stands still when he uses a stronger attack. In my opinion there is no use for his Q. His ult is only good in a few situations. The only thing that he has going for him is that he can clear buffs rapidly. This guy definetly needs some tweaking.

    • Argus... ah... mister stunlock on high ping... yeah.. that's pretty much it. Can't escape him... buff connection.. or nerf basic attack.. (yes I am pretty salty about this one). But aside from that, I think his kit is pretty good, although I actually think his basic attacks are just a little bit too strong.

    • Thorgrim. As far as I know, has no animation cancels like BK has. So he feels a little less 'smooth' in my opinion. Not sure if this needs any tweaking though as he is good in what he has to do. Be tanky.. be annoying.. flip people off the map.

    I haven't played Korryn yet so no feedback on her. Jarra and Alona are in a good spot right now.
    Alona is the only healer, and does a good job. I'm still not very sure about the increase on heal with attack damage. In my opinion healers should heal and not be an undercover sniper as well. (but that's something for in the future)
    Jarra is strong when played well or very weak when played poorly. She is the right amount of 'high risk, high reward'. She is not OP since she is quite easily countered by the right items, which forces the enemy to invest a little more in defense or get one shot all the time.. the choice is theirs.

    #4 Quality of Life changes

    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove the Taunt Spam after the match ends. It's funny at first but gets VERY annoying.
    • Create an 'unready' button in character selection. This is currently only achieved by switching to a different character when you already pressed ready.

    #5 One last thing.
    One of the things I really really really dislike in the current stat of the game is the 4 men groups (which comes from a player who is normally part of a 4 men group.). We decided NOT to play as a 4 men during the alpha testing...
    This is because of one BIG reason.. This Alpha is NOT meant to train as a team! It is meant to fix the game as it is and create a community around it. But besides the testing, this game should also still be about fun.
    But there is no way to test the game nor to have fun if you run into the same 4 guys over and over and over again, who simply wipe you off the map within 30 second in each round. And this doens't happen just once! If there are only 8-12 players on the server, guess who you will run into again and again and again. (do you taste the salt already?)
    You just to be clear... and like I said, I love the concept of eSports and 4 men groups.. but NOT in this early stage of the game. People will simply be scared away from the game and will never return if they run into the same stomping 4 men team... So for now.. I would say keep it to a maximum of 2 players in a squad instead of 4.


    • Fix connection issues first.. MAJOR ISSUE.

    • Nerfs - BK (most things), Kyra E catch into jump, Argus (stunlock).

    • Buff - Viktor (bubble), Rawlins (kit, animation canceling).

    • Remove taunt spam after game.

    • Lower amount of players per sqaud from 4 to 2.

    Alrighty then. That's it for now.
    If you would like to discuss anything, make sure to hit me up on Discord, or next weekend during the Alpha test.

    And I will see you guys in the Arena!!!

    Cheers from The Netherlands!

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback, we really appreciate it.

    • We are actively working on the network performance and its getting better every week. We are also going to be inviting more people this upcoming weekend, so that should help with population.

    • BK got a damage reduction and we've removed hit stun on primaries (for your Argus feedback)

    • Rawlins can now cancel primary attacks into abilities (this was just a bug). We are also considering doing some changes on him (slightly increase primary range, and reduce range of Q and ULT, so they are all the same range)

    • Understand your concern on party size, but I want groups of 4 to be able to play together. One thing we will be doing very soon though is ensuring parties get matched against tougher opponents. That should help ensure new players don't get stomped by full stacks.

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