Two weekends of alpha feedback

  • The last two alpha weekends were my first introduction to Breakaway and I would like to give my feedback on it. Overall I love this game and i will be playing it full time when it does come out of alpha. I'm just gonna list the things that need to get addressed and or fixed.

    1. Tanks and their auto attacks. So if you're playing Argus, Thorgrim, or BK and you have a decent ping you can literally play wack a mole with someone else. I don't think it works in this game or it might be a lag/server issue but i doubt it. This needs to be looked at. My suggestion is taking off the knock back affect that it does and try the game like that for one weekend and see what happens! Now I can see why you guys would want to leave it in the game because a lot of the characters have some sort of escape mechanism to disengage so maybe having the knock back have a CD sort of like a skill. @kalology wrote about it on his twitter and i loved what he said.

    2. There needs to be an exit button when the match is over.. sitting in a screen for 20-30 seconds doing nothing isn't enjoyable.

    3. There was a bug where you couldn't see what you were typing in this alpha and it was fine in the previous one. Also holding down backspace should delete your message because right now you have to press backspace to delete every single letter in a message.

    I don't want to go into balancing nerfs/buffs because i know you guys have plans already in regards to this and we also need more characters! I didn't want to repeat what other people are saying so those 3 things are my biggest concerns. I love this game and I believe amazon will deliver and breakaway will become a great esport for fans to enjoy and be competitive for players to play.

  • @kalology most definitely man! And to all the games ahead :p!

  • The mini-thread about the stunlock:

    Thanks for all the games these past weekends Eternal, and for submitting feedback! <3

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