no game in library.. :/ .. help

  • Twitch Id: p_a_n_d_a___ (3 underscores @ end)
    Version of Windows: 8.1
    32 or 64 Bit: 64
    Amount of physical RAM: 8
    Running or streaming anything in the background? google chome?
    Wired or Wifi: wired
    Time Zone: Central
    Build Version: up to date
    Country of Origin: USA
    Have you updated your Video Card recently: yesterday

  • Nvm close this, I saw a new email sent literally seconds ago ... and I put that code in and the game appeared in library downloading now.... you guys are sneaky...

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    Glad to hear the game is available. Good luck chasing the Relic!

  • @ags_mh I'm actually getting an "error servers offline" on main screen.... before the game itself loads im getting another error " DNS resolve to the Content Distribution Network Failed!"

    Stats are same as above.

  • Global Moderators

    @p_a_n_d_a___ Thanks for letting us know. I've submitted the information for our Bug report and are currently investigating.

    in the meantime, Uninstall the Twitch app and the Curse app under your programs and reinstall the twitch app using the link below:

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