• Hi there,
    I watched some streamer yesterday and I could see, that after every his Casual he could see scoreboard - his score, damage, enemies damage etc... Every after my game I can only see body of my Warrior.

    My Twitch ID is RemarkableTrey.
    I have Windows 10 Proffesional 64 bit, 8 GB RAM, nvidia GeForce GT 740 and Wired connection.
    I dont Run or stream anything in the background.
    My time zone is GMT+1, build Version;435321 and Country of origin is Czech Republic.
    I dont update my videocard, because Windows 10 is doing it automatically.

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    @remarkabletrey Thanks for reporting this. This is a fairly frequent issue that arises (I encounter it too, as have several streamers I have watched.) I'll get an additional bug report filed for it as well as the more reports we get, the better.

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