July 6th-July10th Alpha Feedback

  • With another weekend completed more memories made and more bugs/issues found!

    1. Still missing a next button to get out of the end of game screen! I really hope its implemented soon.

    2. So id like to see a revamped friend list in game because right now we can't see if our friends are in game/in queue.

    3. When you're in game and you press tab to read your skills it doesn't show you what key its binded too. This can be confusing for new players trying to figure out keybindings etc.

    4. Stun lock changes for me are very positive even if I'm a maintank/melee player i love the change and it should stay this way.. The only thing is that we're still experiencing rubberband/lag issues which makes it hard to stick to people.

    5. With the deletion of stunlocking the move/attack decay needs to be reduced a bit. I don't know the numbers but i think a small tweak will go a long way like an extra .25 would be enough but we wont know exactly until we test. It just feels way too slow now without stunlock.

    As everyone is still experiencing lag issues I know you all are working hard but i didn't have too many games with horrible lag but I did have a lot of instances where i would rubberband off the map when i should've been standing on the edge of the maps.

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    Thanks for taking the time to write up your feedback.

    1. There is a next button planned and should be in the build in a few weeks.
    2. Agree with your suggestion. This is something we want to do, but its still a ways off.
    3. Agree, good idea, a couple people have mentioned this to me. This will get in the build soonish.
    4. Thanks for your feedback on the hit stun.
    5. I'll look at the movement speed decay, but in general we think melee is sticking to their targets pretty well (when lag is good)

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