Alpha 7/6-10/17 Feedback

  • Hello, here are some of my thoughts and things I’ve noticed about the recent alpha.

    • I like the timer for selecting warriors, but sometimes the arrows for what my teammates selected are messed up or show something different than what I see in the match. Wrong warrior?/Far right of warriors

    • Merrick’s changes both look cool, and made Thorgrim feel more even with him.

    • Merrick is red on the warrior select menu for me. Example

    • Skills sometimes stay used and don’t start their cooldown. I only recall this happening with Alona's Radiance, and Jarra's Camouflage skills.

    • Skill icons sometimes turn yellow and stay that way for a while.

    • When I look at Lifesteal’s Heroic description saying you get +50 hp per kill I can't tell from a glance if it means +50 max hp or healed 50 hp. I know it means healing, but it looks like it could mean either.

    • Buying the wrong item because another was selected bug makes me have to click the menu background before I click an item to make sure this doesn't happen. I feel like I ran into that more this week.

    • After the match is still crazy with all the strange textures/movements and the missing scoring screens.

    • Still experiencing general lag that is more noticeable sometimes, but I don’t have any specifics to help with this. I did try to use the closer US server, but there are not enough players to do this for now. I believe my fps stays at 60 with the settings I have chosen as well.

    I did not like how melee felt without "stunlock/reactions" as the patch notes called it. Ranged primary attacks feel like they are a lot more useful than melee primary attacks. Melee attacks on a running opponent push them forward and slow you down, but a ranged primary attack can be used while moving to get into a good position.

    It was still quite fun to play this game, and I hope my feedback helps somehow.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks a ton for the feedback, lots of bugs that I'll pass on the QA team. A few of these we are already actively working on.

    In terms of your comment on not liking the reaction changes, overall I think they help the feel of the game, but I agree with you they have reduced the effectiveness of melee. We have two changes that we are testing to address this:

    1. Reduce the movement slowdown after attacks for only the melee characters
    2. Reduce or eliminate the knockback of melee attacks

    If anyone else has other ideas to improve melee effectiveness without bringing back reactions, let me know.

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