Idea for a new healer/support

  • I know it is quite early to start posting new ideas for warriors, but this just popped up in my mind so I wrote it down and decided to post it anyway.

    Concept is easy. A life(essence) draining champion who uses its own (% or flat) HP as a resource for abilities (not including basic attacks).

    Semi offensive/defensive support

    Q – Drain. Saps life forces out of an enemy. (some kind of reverse Alona Q)
    Will cost HP when cast, damage over time for a flat amount, HP regens for a portion of the damage dealt.
    E – Transfusion. Costs HP over time, will heal an ally over time. (could be an ability with a toggle on/off effect after which it will go on cooldown) (Q and E can be cast at the same time)
    R – Life Force. Raises itself into the air (for a few seconds) and absorbs life forces of all enemies in an AOE around itself. Can be cancelled but does quite heavy damage. Heals for a flat amount over time per warrior in the AOE. Other abilities can be cast while using ult.
    RMB (defensive) - Uses a small %HP to cast a small AOE around itself which slows every enemy warrior hit by the effect. (Did not have a lot of inspiration for this one, although it could still be useful in teamfights.)
    Buildable – AOE location where enemies will be damaged over time (not too much though). Damage will be absorbed into the buildable and used as healing AOE for allies when filled with enemy life force. (less consistent as the healing shrine, but can do damage on its own, making it quite strong when paired with thorn damage on buildables. This is however an item you do not want to buy on the healer itself, since you will need HP and CDR more than anything else. This should be a job for the team to invest in thorn damage. Thorn damage will not increase the amount of HP regen the buildable gives.)

    This will be more of a frontline healer who plays best in the middle of team fights. It can heal a lot while still doing damage. Has a form of self sustain. It will be a lot harder to play than any conventional healer since abilities cost HP to use. This healer will be more of a late game warrior than Alona, since it will scale with max HP, making this healer a lot more tanky than Alona. But it will need items to get there and will have to decide whether it should invest into CDR or HP first.

    Would be interesting to see this healer scale with both Attack damage and max HP. As well as HP regen and CDR.

    Keep in mind I am not a dev and I have no clue how you guys balance warriors so feel free to comment. It was just some warrior I came up with. Happy to read what you guys think of this concept.

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    @rnln_kinetic very cool concept! I also like how you thought about late game buys and options. Some other questions to chew on. Do you see this character as a melee or ranged warrior? What types of motivations would a warrior with these kinds of abilities have? Are they good or evil? Think about the combination of story and gameplay. (And by story I don't mean a 300 page novel.) How do you identify with the character and how does it make you feel seeing them and playing as them.

  • Good one Mike, I will surely think about what you said.

    Maybe write some lore as well ;)

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