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  • @Breakaway Thank you so much for this post! I had a few questions and comments that I was hoping see their way into edits to the post, but a lot of them I also have a personal curiosity over.


    • First of all, the introduction and formulas are repeated inside the breakdown chart in the left most column after "Sai" on the same row as his move names.

    • The second sentence has an error - "... to tune and the game ..." - which I believe is an accidentally added "and".

    • The "Initial Damage" formula seems to be wrong: "Base Damage + Attack Str & Damage Scaling Ratio". Unless you're doing a bitwise and, I have a feeling that ampersand should be replaced with "x" or "*".

    • The "True Damage" formula references a "True Damage %" ratio, which does not appear anywhere else on the page for any of the moves.

    • The "Persistent Damage" formula FROM THE START OF THE PAGE doesn't seem to contain the formula for persistent damage. Instead, it seems to have a more accurate Initial Damage formula - "Persistent Damage: Initial damage = Base Damage + ( Attack Str x Damage Scaling Ratio )". I don't see how this in any way indicates what the Persistent Damage is equal to.

    • The "Persistent Damage" formula IN THE REPEAT INTRODUCTION seems to have a better formula: "Persistent Damage: Initial Damage – True Damage". I'm going to assume that this is the correct formula.

    • I believe I understand the purpose of and relationship between the types of damage, but I believe that Persistent Damage is a misleading name for this value. To me, it indicates some sort of "Damage Over Time", a type of damage not present in this game. To me, it seems to indicate the portion of the initial damage which is affected by resistance and armor, which is the damage that "remains" or "persists" once the portion dealt as "True Damage" is subtracted. However, I can't think of a better name. As long as no DoT moves are added, I believe this will be good enough.

    Character Stats and Moves:

    • General: Characters not in order they appear in game. I do not see stats on buildables. I would love to see the duration of all of these moves, including primary attacks, as well as the primary attack range and projectile speed where applicable. Also, seeing how much lag there is before and after the action would be amazing!

    • Argus's Slide (RMB): Can you disclose the distance, speed, and/or duration of this move?

    • Argus's No Retreat (Q): Same question as his Slide (Q)

    • Argus's For Glory (E): What is the distance the enemies are knocked back? Is there a stun duration on the enemy, or can they act while moving?

    • Thorgrim's Rib Splitter (Q): How long does the projectile reflection last (or is it instantaneous within the range of the spin)? What is the range of the spin? How far do enemies get knocked back?

    • Thorgrim's Ram's Head (E): What is the distance and the duration of the CC?

    • Thorgrim's Ragnarok (R): What is the duration of the knockdown?

    • Kyra's Dodge Roll (RMB): Space for Distance and Duration, but no values

    • Kyra's Jet Shot (Q): If this is a "very fast shot", does that mean projectile speed or animation-startup? Either way, what the values and how do they compare to her Primary?

    • Kyra's Rising Tide (E): What is the radius of the AoE?

    • Kyra's Ocean's Fury (R): What is the size and speed of the shot?

    • Alona's Radiance (Q): The description mentions a range, what is that range? Does the target remain the same for the duration it is active? If the target leaves the range, do they continue to be healed? How does the "Heal Scaling Ratio" work? Does the heal equal ( STR x Max (1.75, STR/52) ) per unit-time? How frequently is the heal applied? Is it once per second for 4 seconds, or more or less frequent?

    • Alona's Sun Burst (E): What is the radius of this move? Are enemies pushed back to the end of the radius, or another distance?

    • Alona's Blessing of the Sun (R): What is the range and radius? How frequently is the sustained heal applied?

    • Rawlins's Primary (LMB): "Two consecutive pistol shots with short/medium range." Does this mean both shots have "short/medium" range, or that the two shots have different ranges? What is the range(s), and how much time is there between shots?

    • Rawlins's Power Shot (Q): What is the distance and duration of the knockback, and are the ranges and times the same as the primary?

    • Rawlins's Slide Shot (E): What is the distance, size, duration, and speed? How long are targets knocked up, and are they unable to act during the knockup? What is the angle of the knockup? Perpendicular to the ground, or at some angle away from Rawlin?

    • Rawlins's Blazing Barrage (R): How much time is there between shots / what is the duration? (That's basically the same question). Is Rawlin stationary or mobile during this? What is the duration and angle of the knockup?

    • Korryn Primary (LMB): Does the armor reduction apply before or after damage calculation?

    • Korryn's Burden of Sin (Q): How exactly is the damage and slow handled? (Does the attack last 2 seconds, and have damage apply over time? Does the damage only apply on cast, but the slow lasts 2s? Do enemies who enter the area of effect take damage upon entering, and stay slowed for the duration of the spell or their time inside if spell is 2s duration? Do enemies who are hit sustain the slow after exiting the area of effect?) If this character was free this week I'd attempt to figure it out myself.

    • Korryn's Circle of Spite (E): How long does the hex last on the ground? Do debuffs persist after leaving the hex radius? What range "in front of her" can Korryn place the circle? If you cannot chose the distance and the range is static, how far away is it placed?

    • Korryn's Aura of Silence (R): Do enemies hit get silenced for 5s AND the spell lasts for 5s? Or does "Duration" here refer only to the debuff, and the ability has no duration (it is cast and ends right away).

    • Merrick's Devastation Offensive (Q): "Powerful overhead to smash that deals good damage." Powerful overhead what to smash? Or was the "to" unintentional. (As always, what is the range and radius?)

    • Merrick's Cruel Summons (E): What is the range? Are the pulled all the way to Merrick? If not, how far are they pulled?

    • Merrick's Dark Calling (R), (Also, Rawlins's LMB, Rawlins's Q, Rawlins's R): How much time is there between shots/pulses? Are they stationary until all shots/pulses are fired? Like his Q, how far are they pulled?

    • Sai: Descriptions for his attacks all refer to him as "Victor". Also, his Q and E have different names in this list and in game - Static Burst -> Wild Orb, and Wild Arc -> Lightning Arc respectively.

    • Sai's Primary (LMB): What is the range of the AoE when the projectile explodes? Collisions with which of the following will cause the projectile to explode - environment, buildables, enemies, allies.

    • Sai's Static Charge (Q): What is the speed of the projectile?

    • Sai's Wild Arc (E): What is the speed of this projectile?

    • Sai's Maelstrom (R): Does the first strike occur at the same time regardless of the distance of the target location from the caster? If so, what is the "projectile speed"? How many seconds are between each strike? When does targeting occur? (i.e. if an enemy walks into the circle between the first and second strike, will they be targeted?) Can enemies who were not targeted be hit by the "random" strikes if they enter the circle? Can enemies who have already been targeted be hit by the "random" strikes? Or are they merely cosmetic indications that a strike has failed?

    • Jarra's Pounce (Q): Is it safe to assume that "0.5-0.7" means "0.5,0.6,0.7"? If so, could this be changed to appear this way to remain consistent with the notation of the Charge Level, Base Damage, and Env Damage? Once again, this character is not free so this week so I cannot test how the mechanics work. Am I correct in assuming that you hold the key down to increase charges? If so, could you add the amount of time it takes to charge? Does the stun duration scale with charge, and what is/are the duration(s). What are the three distances and durations of the ability?

    • Jarra's On The Hunt (E): Can the bonus Attack Strength be used for an ability (Q/R), or only Primary (LMB)?

    • Jarra's Eviscerate (R): What is the duration / time between attacks? If the bonus Attack Str from On The Hunt can apply to this ability, will it only affect the first hit, or all 4?

    So far I haven't spent time looking at the Defense (RMB) moves. I've been busy making a spreadsheet to do damage calculations for thoerycrafting. I'm sure that I will have comments on the Defense moves soon! Thanks for all of your hard work,. I hope that you find this post helpful - many competitive games such as League of Legends have transparency about all of the statistics that I asked questions about, and while they may not be of interest to casual players this game appears targeted at a more hardcore community.

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