Can't play Breakaway? Problems/help! (CAN'T FIND DOWNLOAD/CODE?)

  • So, I did everything it asked. Signed in with my Twitch, & I already had the launcher installed.. It's not on the Twitch launcher, & I didn't get any codes.

    Twitch name is Malcaster

  • Global Moderators

    @malcaster Are you still not seeing Breakaway in the "Game Library?" I know there was a slight latency for the game to appear on the account.

    If not, go ahead and uninstall the Twitch launcher and start the download again using the link below:

    note Make sure you are signed out of the Breakaway website so it re-authorizes your Twitch Account before continuing.

  • @ags_jr

    Thanks! Reinstalled, & it's working now. Had it installed since it was called Curse so something might've glitched. Appreciate the help m8!

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