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  • For those heavily invested into the community, or those who simply seek to collect and or show off their goodies they get for buying certain packages, bundles, collector's editions...etc how would you like to see breakaway and possibly even all AGS handled?

    Yeah we've had brief discussions here and there but I'm trying to cement how the majority feels about this.

    Should we handle the game like smite? Where the game is free but if you purchase a pack you get all characters and future characters free?

    Do you think the base game should be just 40$? And that's it?

    Do you think the game should just be flat out free?

    Please post your thoughts.

    I personally would like to see a free to play model where you are randomly given 3 characters to start off with and have to play the game in order to unlock more content.

    A 15$ model with all characters unlocked

    A 30$ model with all characters + skins / weapon skins unlocked

    A 60$ model with everything mentioned in the 30 pack that will include some small physical merchandise like figurines, pins...etc

    And last but not least a 120-140$ edition which includes everything in the 60 but throw in some breakaway hoodies or replicas of what the characters wear that you could also wear.

    What would you guys like to see?

  • I think Smite does the free-to-play model great.

    $30 for all characters and all future characters, plus your in-game currency refunded for characters you bought prior to buying the pack.

    Skins/cosmetics for gems, which you can buy with real money currency and also win through events at a more scarce rate. The more generous the pay model, the more encouraged people are to be dedicated to the game imo.

  • I'm fine with them charging real money for characters so long as it's possible to unlock them all through gameplay and it doesn't require absurd amounts of time. I think in terms of skins and weapons, they should not touch the system they currently have. There needs to be a sense of progression per character that cannot be replaced by peoples' wallets. I think instead, they should just add individual skins for each character and weapon (not the same as the skins you get for leveling your characters) and make those available through paying real money. I also think they should add overall account levels that give us special rewards as we level our account up. And then add more character levels and possibly sell xp/coin boosts (Not something crazy, extra 25% or something).

    Maybe create some sort of membership thing. The only type of All-in-One bundle pack I would support is one that lets you unlock all the characters, but nothing beyond that.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We are still working on some different business model scenarios, so please keep your suggestions coming! While we can't say for sure quite yet how this is going to net out, I can tell you that one of the key philosophies with the business model is to "do right by the players" meaning, you aren't going to see us do things to jeopardize the gameplay experience in exchange for some dollars here and there. We want to make sure everyone, payers and non, have a great time playing Breakaway. This means, no $10,000 You Win sword in Breakaway.

  • I think you should do a model similar to R6: Siege. This is $15 and comes with 2 operators and enough money to get 2 more of your choice. I think it would be cool if the game is free to play, but you only start off with enough money to buy 2 champions. All of the launch champions would be the same price while post-launch champions would be twice as much. I think every launch champion should be 1000 credits while post-launch champions are 2000.

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