Is anyone playing?

  • Post is in the title. Just not sure if this is a matchmaking issue im having or if there is just a matchmaking issue.

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    @whigwomz were you ever able to into a match?

  • nope

  • what time were you trying to get in a match. I normally don't try until between 12 or 1 CST - about Midnight CST. Otherwise servers are pretty sparse.

  • @whigwomz Just now i got into a game in around 5 minutes

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    Hi @whigwomz, sorry you had trouble matchmaking over the weekend. As you know, we are still in an Alpha period, but are expanding our pool of players each week. I would say the best times to play Breakaway during these Alpha weekends are: Thursday right after the Throwdown Thursday broadcasts (~7pm Pacific time) and Friday starting at 5pm Pacific.

    Each week we add more players to the pool, so hopefully this is something that you see less and less of. We're also partnering with a bunch of streamers, so another good idea is to see who is currently streaming Breakaway and then jump in if there is a popular streamer.

    GLHF. Let me know if you continue to have matchmaking issues.

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