Breakaway Stats Sheet - Formatted

  • Hey all, I have heard a lot of people talking about the recent Breakaway Stats Sheet that was provided to us by JustCallMeBau. I decided to take all the data provided and work it into a user friendly format that is easy to read and understand. I hope this helps the community better understand the data provided. In the future I plan to add a calculator that will let you see your stats per character when buying each item. Thanks again Bau for providing the data here.

    You can access the Formatted Breakaway Stats Sheet now by clicking here

  • @xmewy Thanks so much! Love the formatting on this. The original was a little difficult to read.

  • I've added buildable data for all the heroes as well as pictures for newer players to be able to identify them more easily. The item calculator is being worked on but will take quite a bit of time (You can see the start of it on the Argus page). I am doing some in-game stuff in order to make sure everything is accurate for each item and hero. When the calculator is done, I will make sure to add instructions on how to download and use it (you'll have to make your own copy of the Stats Sheet which is super easy to do).

  • Thanks a ton! We're looking into improving the formatting options for our website CMS to make the stats sheet article a little more legible in coming weeks. :)

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