My New Champion Concept

  • I have played the game for a while now and I have thought of an interesting champion/character concept. This character would be an agile ninja/assassin character. However, this character would also have team-based abilities and skills.

    Primary Attack/Left Click:

    This character's primary attack would be a medium ranged weapon with decent damage. This weapon would do more damage the closer the character is to the opponent. (Ex. Max Damage=70 Min. Damage=25) That is just an interesting concept that I thought would make a fun character.

    Secondary/Right Click:

    I think this character's secondary would be a standard dash/defensive roll. However, I feel that this character could possibly store up to 2 dashes/roles. I feel like this can make a character very good when it comes to getting the relic/ball out of a team-fight or away from enemies. I do feel that the champion might have to have a longer cool down on her dashes/roles. I think this would also apply for when she has the relic. This would make her a great get in, get out champion.

    Q Button Ability:

    I think this character's Q ability should be a small shield that gives the champion invincibility for 1 or 2 seconds. This would make her a great character for grabbing the relic as she can use her shield to get into the fight, grab it, and then dash out. I also think that this ability could automatically activate when she picks up or catches the relic (this would of coarse have a cooldown). I think the ability should have a 20s cooldown or higher.

    E Button Ability:

    I think this champion would be good to grab the relic, so this next ability reflects that. This ability will knock back nearby enemies a small distance. This would only effect enemies in a small radius. This could allow for the character to make a path for teammates or herself. I think it would be nice if this ability could be used while she is holding the relic. This would help make her stand out as a champion because she is much better at grabbing the relic and getting a breakaway (see what I did there). I think that this ability might be very good and useful in ta team fight, hence I think it deserves a fairly long cooldown. I think that this should have a 30s cooldown.

    R Button Ability/Ultimate:

    As much as I want this champion to get in and get out, I also want her to have another reason to use her. This is where her ultimate comes in. I think her ultimate could give the 1s invincible shield to all of her teammates. This would make her a great character to use if you have the intent of winning team fights. I think that this would be one of the best ultimates in the game, so it should have one of the longest cooldowns. I think an appropriate time would be 40s. This long cooldown would force the user of the champion to think more about when to use the ability. This would also allow her to work great with a healer because you can be healed while being invincible.

    1 Button/Buildable:

    I think that this champion should have a buildabe similar to the cursed ward. This buildabe would slow down any enemy that walks to close all while dealing a small amount of damage. The buildable would have a little larger radius then the cursed ward. These buildables would only be able to trap up to 2 enemies in order to balance it out. These buildables would also have less health then most buildables. I think she should be able to have 2 every round. These buildables would allow her to make a safer path for her and her teammates to use when grabbing the relic. This also helps cement her role as a utility character.

    Health, Speed, Etc.:

    I think that her health should be somewhat in line with Karra's, if not lower. This would make her more fragile and help balance out her great utility and relic-grabbing. I think she should also be slightly faster than most champions. This would help her grab the relic and be able to out-maneuver the enemy. If I could give this champion a difficulty star, it would probably be 2-3. this is because it might be hard for new players to fully utilize her abilities to their full potential and that new players might not know how to keep her alive for very long. If I could chose a class for her it would be support. This is because she can provide her team with needed shields and some extra knockback and traps. This is also because she is incredibly mobile and a great champion to be carrying the relic.

    I hope you all like this little concept I thought of. If you don't, comment ways that the concept could be changed or improved. If you do like it, comment why you would like to see a champion like this in the game.


  • Interesting concept, but the biggest drawback for me is you've kinda built a kit around invincibility. The q ability giving a shield would be similar to Thorgrim, except he can't grab the relic while its up. The knock back is great but also already in the game with Alona. I also don't like the ultimate concept.

    Just to give some honest critiquing it looks like to took a couple warriors through them in the blender and made this one (thorgrim, sparty/rawlins, alona, korryn). The only difference is the ultimate would be a new concept.

    If you want to make a concept of a relic running hero I'm 100% down for it and would really like to see new warriors come with an advanced technical ability similar to the godspeed, where you combo some things together and can make plays that make everyone say wow that was amazing.

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    @thepigthatcriedrii very cool ideas! Have you given any thought to the characters motivations and backstory that reflect this type of gameplay? Why are they such a team player? How are they able to make others so good?

  • Edit: She would only have 1 buildable that slows down enemies less than the cursed ward

  • @tlee_ Honestly, I did thing take some aspects from current warriors and other games. I do want to try and make the concept more unique and not like any other character. I got the double sliding from Tracer (Overwatch). I took the best utility abilities and tried to conceptualize an excellent utility/team-player warrior. I had other concepts for ultimates, however I went with the shield one because it fit the best in my opinion. I understand all of your criticism. Thank you for your feedback.


  • @berserker_mike I have not been thinking of that because I have been thinking of another concept that is completely unique. I will work on this and the things you said i should have. Thank you for liking the concept.


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