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  • Damage Calculator (v1.0)

    The fine folks at AGS have graciously provided us with stats on all of the characters and attacks in the game (original post found here, xmewy's beautifully formatted version here)

    Based on these numbers I've created a calculator you can use to see how much damage each character's moves will do against each other character (version 1.0 found here)

    If anyone is unfamiliar with using calculators on Google Sheets, simply click "File" in the upper left. In the drop down select "Make a copy...", and pick a name for the copy and the Google Drive folder you want to put it in.

    In your copy, there will now be a dropdown menu in the first sheet for the Attacker, Attack Move, and Defender, where you can select the combination you're curious about. Currently the values will only be accurate if Attributes, Buffs, and Items would not affect the result. The next version will allow you to select the Attacker and Defender Attributes, Buffs and Items. Hopefully a member of the AGS team can reveal how Armor Penetration, Buffs, and % Damage Increase affect the damage calculation formula.

    note: all values were entered manually, if you notice anything that I should update please let me know here or in a private message

  • edit: fixed the url, was pointing at the wrong version

  • Very awesome work here so far. This is great information. Maybe we can talk about integrating this into the project i'm working on in order to add this awesome functionality from your calculator. Keep it up!

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Just checked this out, very cool, nice work!

    For a v2 you know what would rock, is to add equipment to it. What does my damage look like with Level 3 Attack and Level 2 Armor Pen against Merrick with Heroic Armor.

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