exiting due to client sandboxing violation: Error retrieving Client Interface

  • Hi,

    Technical problem: Game doesn't open.
    When trying opening it through Twitch or BreakawayLauncher, the cursor turns to the "wheel" for a couple of seconds, a window pops up and instantly closes, nothing happens after.

    When trying to open through Breakaway_x64.exe, Amazon Games Studio logo appears, and after a short time I get a "exiting due to client sandboxing violation: Error retrieving Client Interface" error and the game closes.

    Twitch ID: grimvalt
    Version of Windows: w10
    Amount of physical RAM: 16
    Video Card: gtx960M
    Running or streaming anything in the background: just chrome with this forum
    Wired or Wifi: WiFi
    Time Zone: utc +1 (Germany)
    Reinstalled game: yes

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    Have you aready uninstalled twitch/breakaway and reinstalled the application from here: https://app.twitch.tv/ ?

  • Yes

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    Thanks for that, I'm sorry it’s still not working after doing so, Ill go ahead and PM you for the required info, since you already provided the overall. Thanks!

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