Game is not launching, process ending without error.

  • As title says, I attempt to launch the game, I see it starting to launch then the process ending ((Tracking with Task Manager)

    Twitch ID:ItsNavac
    Version of Windows: Windows 10
    32 or 64 Bit: 64
    Amount of physical RAM: 8gb
    Video Card: GTX970
    Running or streaming anything in the background? Discord
    Wired or Wifi: Wired
    Time Zone: BMT
    Build Version: Latest (I presume?)
    Country of Origin: England
    Have you updated your Video Card recently: Yes
    Did you update your network driver: No.

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    Thanks for letting us know, I've gathered this information and forwarded to our dev's. I'll let you know if we need any more info via pm. Thank you :)

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