Long cooldowns lead to a lot of down-time on most characters.

  • Hey! Just want to start off by saying that I've really enjoyed playing this over the last weekend. The game is fundamentally really, really fun, despite the to-be-expected Alpha bugs and early-days balancing.

    On the subject of balancing, I wanted to feedback my experience of combat in this game, specifically surrounding cooldowns.

    I feel that the cooldown for many abilities feel too long, and lead to a lot of down-time where there's not an awful lot of options. I'm not speaking so much from a tactical point of view, moreso from a "character identity" point of view.

    A lot of what makes a character in a "MOBA" style game is a single ability that defines them in terms of playstyle and personality. At the moment, a few of the characters feel quite "flat" due to a lot of time being spent waiting to use any of your character-defining moves. It doesn't need to be a case of lowering the cooldown on all abilities; just one ability that supplements their kit a bit more!

  • Refer to this thread for an ongoing conversation about this exact topic.

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