A Warrior With Poison Damage

  • Hello everyone. I am ThePigThatCriedRii and I love this game very much. It has quickly become one of my favorites and I would love to see it grow. However, I have noticed some things that a game like this might want. One of those was a character that does damage over time. I previously made a post on a relic-grabber warrior. I went very in-depth on what this warrior would do. However, she felt to me like a mix of characters. This next warrior, who I call Scales, is nothing like any warrior in the game so far. Visually and conceptually.


    As the name Scales might imply, Scales is of a reptilian origin. Scales is a large, bipedal snake with red, armored scales. He also has red iris. His head and features are the same as a snake(A.K.A he has a snakes head, body, and tail). His head is more armored then the rest of his body. He has two large, concealed fangs in his mouth. He can use these fangs to hunt down any prey or people he deems necessary. His legs are like that of a raptors, with a large, sharp claw on both of his feet. His arms are like scaly, human arms, but with large claws. Scales is 34 at the time the game takes place. He stands at a large height of 6'3.


    Scales is a member of a group of hunter creatures known as Pykes(similar to the predatory fish pike). Pykes are aloud to hunt out of season becasue they mostly hunt for their own sustenance, however, they often hunt extra to sell on the black market in favor of weapons. One of the great attributes of Pykes is that they can poison a target and then track it for hours until it dies. Scales, being bored of hunting animals, decided to use his venomous fangs and weapons to become a hitman. Scales quickly became known in the underground for always being able to kill any target given to him. He can use any weapon and ability ion his arsenal to kill targets, making kills harder to come back to him. However, after being a hitman for 3 years, he was caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison at the age of 28.
    Having served half of his sentence, he seeks redemption by competing in the arena in order to get out.


    I will be using some terms to be able to shorten up the ability descriptions and make the concept easier to understand.

    Poison Effect:

    When I refer to a poison effect, I am referring to 10 damage a second for 10 seconds. This is 100 damage over the course of 10 seconds. I think there should be something like this because there is nothing like it. I will reference this a lot in the concept. A warrior can not be effected by a poison or venom effect if they are being healed, or if they are already being effected by one of the two effects. It will do more damage from items buffing it.

    Venom Effect: The venom effect is different, yet similar to the poison effect. It is the same except it gets worse over the coarse of 10 seconds. It does 1 more damage for every second it have been in effect (example: 1st second=10 damage, 5th second=14 damage, 10th second=19 damage). This is a total of 145 damage over the coarse of 10 seconds. The venom effect works regardless of being healed. It will do more damage from items buffing it.


    Ah yes, the abilities. Other than the backstory, the abilities are the most fun part of a concept. This does include passive abilities and standard attacks.

    Primary Attack/Left Mouse Button:

    His primary attack is a close range melee attack. He bites any enemy in front of him with is large frontal fangs. This bite does 25 damage upfront(originally) and gives the target a poison effect. This is useful because it might mean that survivors of a team fight might not actually be able to escape with their lives. I'm sure many other players have wanted to get the kill on the low health enemy, but couldn't catch up with the target. This was the inspiration for Scales. Scales is meant to be able to slowly kill them as they run.

    Defensive Ability/Right Mouse Button:

    His right mouse button is similar to a defensive roll, but is different in one big way. Scale's Defensive Ability is a backwards jump. He can only go backwards with this. When he goes backwards, he also becomes invisible for one second upon landing. This allows him to sneak away from his enemies. The range he jumps back would be higher that a defensive roll's, because it is only backwards. It would have the same cooldown as the defensive roll. He is also insensible while doing this. This ability is called the Stealth Jump.

    Q Ability:

    I ultimately decides that Q Abilities were stronger ranged attacks. Because of this, his Q Ability is a ranged attack. When he uses the ability, he creates a poison dart inside his neck that he shoots out at an enemy. This poison dart would have range a little bit shorter then Kyra's Jet Shot. This dart would only inflict a poison effect on the target. This is good for when an enemy is trying to escape by sliding and jumping around. This would kill any escaping low-health target. I call this ability Venom Dart. I think it would make sense for it to have a 20 second cooldown because it wouldn't do much damage very quickly.

    E Ability:

    I could not pinpoint what types of abilities were given the honor of being E Abilities, so I just gave him another ranged attack. For this attack, Scales coils up(because he is a bipedal snake monster/creature) and launches himself forwards with great momentum, hitting anything in his path with his rough head. This is his only ability/attack that does not cause a poison effect. This attack/headbutt does 75 damage upon hitting a target. This ability will also knock down an enemy for longer if they were closer to him while coiling(Example: Maximum=3s, Minimum=1s). This ability could be used to close distance while doing some extra damage, or to knock back an enemy off of the map. I call this ability Serpent Strike. I think that a good cooldown for this would be 20 seconds. This is because it is almost like an extra jump/slide forwards.

    R Ability/Ultimate:

    Scales' ultimate ability is his only ability that inflicts a venom effect. This ultimate has Scales activate a vest around his chest. This vest creates a small venom cloud that gives a venom effect to any nearby enemies. This ability does no upfront damage and should only be used during a team fight. This ability can have the power of forcing an entire enemy group to fall back so that they won't die later. If an enemy were to stay and try to fight, they would most often lose to to the extra 145 damage from the venom effect. This makes it incredibly useful when trying to guard a player carrying the relic because you can force off multiple opponents. This ultimate would be extremely powerful and should have a longer cooldown. I think that 40 seconds is an appropriate time.

    ! Button/Buildables:

    Ah yes, the buildables. All warriors have buildables that can be very useful in-game. I wanted to keep the damage over time theme for the buildables as well. For Scales' buildable, he places an invisible mine, that, when triggered, will create a large cloud of venom gas. This cloud remains for 15 seconds until dissolving. This gas will automatically give the trigger-er a venom effect. It would also give any enemy that makes contact with it a poison effect. These Venom Mines can be placed on chokepoints to completely shut down enemy pushes or cause an extra needed amount of damage. The mines are invisible to enemies.

    Health, Speed, ETC:

    I think that I imagine Scales as more of a speedy fighter that a tanky character. Scales would have around 350 health, which puts him on the squishier side of champions. However, with lower health comes quicker speed. I think Scales should be one of the fastest characters in the game. I also think the should attack quite quickly as well. Honestly, I don't know what else to put in this category except his uses and roles. I think he would definitely be a fighter. I had him being a fighter since the early days of this concept. This would make it so that you have another option for a high damage melee warrior instead of Argus(who I think is picked the most out of all warriors). This allows for people that find Argus to simple to play a more complex, yet easy to learn warrior. I think he can also be picked instead of certain utility warriors as well, but that is just my opinion. I think his difficulty would be two stars just because.

    If you guys have any thoughts about the concept, please comment on the post about how I could improve it. If you don't like it, comment why. If you want this specific character and concept and backstory in the game, comment 'ADD THIS NOW DEVS PLEASE I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS FOR A WHOLE WEEK AND I WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK ON THE CONCEPT!!' word for word. Fell free to check out my other concept as well, and expect more posts on other concepts. Happy dunking!!


  • Why do you people not view this one as much as my other concept!!!

  • Quick update on the concept. I am actually working with a friend of mine to create some concept art of Scales. Expect me to post it in a few months.

  • Hi thepigthatcriedrii!

    Nocnoz here, Art Director on Breakaway.
    Thank you for your submission, a lot of very interesting ideas here. I will review it with the team as soon as possible.


  • Another Update On Stuff Related To This:

    I'm actually conceptualizing a map that goes with Scales called "The Hunterlands". It is a map that is in the woods and adds some new gameplay elements.

  • @thepigthatcriedrii This is a really neat concept! I do suggest that instead of him being somewhat countered by healers, maybe make him an anti-healer. For example, make him cause healing reduction, or have enemies take extra damage for every tick of health they are healed. It gives him a direct purpose for being chosen, and keeps DoT characters (which are often pretty easily countered by any sort of heal) more viable in any meta since healers will most likely always be viable as well.

    I do love that his poison is a sort of finisher move, so even if he dies trying to 1v1 someone, he could still take the enemy down with him. I think this is a really neat character that I'd actually love to play. They're very original to the game and could add a lot of new fun gameplay interactions that would keep the game interesting and fun! Great work ~

  • @bboyonce I think nocnoz is hinting at his addition to the game. Or at least I hope he is.

  • I wouldn't like a 10 seconds damage over time effect. It means that when running away and die you get those 10 seconds prolonging the respawn. First death respawn time is 7 seconds when dying from the last second of poison or venom it prolonged the whole thing to 17 seconds you effectively wasted while scales could still poison more on the field. It also allows for cheap hit and run tactics (base attack deals 25 direct damage and 100 damage over time = 125 without any item). It would also force of having a healer instead of being an option (yes you can win without Alona).

    Of course I would like to get the kill when the enemy only has a 1 pixel width healthbar but come on escaping is part of the game and if you really want to get it take Jarra, don't make here useless by some cheap poison with overly long duration.

    The defensive jump that only goes backwards but has higher range: what prevents me from doing a 180° turn to make a long virtual forward jump?

    I really don't like the idea. It feels to much that you just want to get the kills from escaping enemies without even trying to catch up. I'm sure with the high damage and long duration it will be overpowered or forcing Alona which has only one ability to heal herself (besides placing here buildable which has only limited use) making her always the primary target.

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