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  • Hello friends, the past few days I have been working on a huge project for this game, and the first version is finally completed! Today I'm here to release it to you, so you can begin your theory crafting or whatever else you may want to use the tool for. Please keep in mind this tool will change overtime as the game changes, and I have created it in a way that will make it very easy to manage over time so don't worry about it being outdated :) Below I am going to provide you with a download link as well an example case of you could use the tool, so you can get started!

    How to download the tool

    1. Firstly, make sure you are signed into a google account!
    2. Next, access the Stats Tool by clicking here
    3. Next, go press the 'File' tab and click 'Make a Copy...'
    4. Now name the file whatever you'd like and save it to your google sheets directory (This is where you access any of your online google sheets)
    5. Now go into your google sheets directory found here
    6. Double click on any cell and an authorization window will appear. Authorize the spreadsheet to your account and now you're done! Now let's learn how to use this thing.

    Using the Tool

    • So for using the tool, we are going to make up a case of information that we need, and then walk through how to access this information. For our case, we are playing Argus and we currently have Tier 3 Attack Damage upgrade, Tier 2 HP upgrade, Tier 4 Armor Penetration upgrade, and Red Buff. We want to find out how many times we must auto attack a Tier 4 Armor, Tier 2 Health Merrick in order to kill him, and what's the minimum time frame we can do this in? Let's jump over to the tool and find out!
      1. From the 'Characters' page, we select Argus because that is the character we'll be playing as. We are brought to Argus' stat page.
      1. At the top of the page we find basic information on Argus, with no upgrades applied:
        Click here
      1. Interesting! Now let's scroll down and apply some items to our character. Scroll down to the following section:
        Click here
      1. Here we find all available upgrades for our character. To apply an upgrade to our character, click on the images shown. For example, to apply Tier 4 Penetration, we click on the picture shown under Armor Pen > Tier 4
      1. As you apply items, notice they will appear in your current bonuses box. Also numbers will change as you apply your items. So let's apply our items. It should now look like this: Click here
      1. Now all we have to do is create the defending character and we can find some really useful calculations based on our items! Scroll down to this section: Click here
      1. As you can see, our defender is currently set to default Argus with no upgrades. So let's change our defender to match the one in our use case. It will now look like this: Click here
      1. The numbers adjust accordingly based on your opponents stats and items, and your stats and items. Now we can very easily answer our original question "How many auto attacks will it take and what is the fastest amount of time I can kill this person?"
    • 17 Auto Attacks to kill
    • 17s minimum time to kill

    And that's all there is to it! Future features on the tool can be found on the Character's spreadsheet page. Big feature releases for the future will include a Combo simulator that lets you group together different attacks and see how much damage it will do to an opponent. Also there will eventually be a feature to create multiple attackers and run the numbers together. I hope you guys enjoy the tool, it was a lot of work but definitely worth the effort.

    If you find any bugs or incorrect numbers please report them to me in my forum messages or on discord!

    If you'd like to support me, although definitely not required, feel free to follow my Twitch stream: xMewy Twitch Channel

  • This is amazing!

  • Thank you for making this fun tool.

  • @tytaine Thanks so much for reporting that bug. It is now fixed. Please make a new copy of the tool and it will be working :)

  • Just a reminder, the tool will be updated every Thursday as soon as patch notes are released and I will post here letting you guys know!

  • Rawlins has been updated on the Stats Tool. Make sure to make a new copy to use the new numbers. Enjoy!

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    This looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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