Ascended Screen Bug

  • When I got Jarra to level 10 tonight I got a notice saying "You have earned my favor" and a button appeared on the screen. At that point I was unable to see my cursor, but I saw a "Continue" button. I had to blindly click around until I finally hit the button.

    Afterward it went to a screen showing a still, not-moving Argus model stuck inside a relay, but it said Jarra's "Ready to strike!" Again I was presented with a button that I couldn't click, but had to estimate after alt tabbing.

    If people get a character to level 10 this weekend they might have to close out if they can't see their cursor.

    Twitch ID: flipdup
    Version of Windows: Windows 10 Home
    Amount of physical RAM: 16gb
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
    Running or streaming anything in the background?: Chrome (watching Twitch)
    Wired or Wifi?: Wired
    Time Zone: PDT

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    Thanks for the information. I will get this bug escalated to our Dev team!

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