Is animation lock a problem?

  • I sometimes feel frustrated by the animation locks as Thorgrim. I can be talked out of it, but was wondering what other people think.

  • I've played countless hours as thorgrim and never once felt that it was an issue. This weekend I'll see if i can notice it and see how it feels on other's. But I don't think it's bad or worth fixing at this point.

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    By animation locks do you mean the rotational "homing" and scoot that help you ensure you hit a target?

    Some people love this because it helps ensure they hit with each attack, but I've heard some concerns also because it can lead to you targeting an enemy you didn't mean to target.

    Is that the issue you are having with it? If not, let me know what is bugging you about it. Maybe we can improve the way it works.

  • @zin_ramu I mean as in I swing and have to wait for the animation to complete before moving on. Ragnorok! wait...ok I can move. But since noone else has chimed in I assume it is just me.

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