Invisible walls at weird places

  • Hello,
    I am running into walls that prevent my warrior from moving forward at weird locations, but it doesn't happen all the time. I have to try walking backward and jumping to escape them. Pictures are not the bug in action, but of the spots it has happened the most at.

    • When walking up the stairs at the center of Shrine of Auros that point towards my base I have gotten stuck at the top of them. It blocks me from reaching the flat area near the buff. Stairs

    • On Attala Prime when I jumped up on the platform near the inner circle at either buff. Platform Platform2

    • Even on flat areas for both maps I have gotten stuck when no walls were near me.

    Tytaine - Windows 10 - 16gb ram - gtx 760 - not streaming - Wired - EDT - Build:;443964

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    Hey @tytaine,

    Thanks for getting us this information and the pictures! I have forwarded this onto our developers along with your information. Once we have any information on this issue I will let you know!

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