10 Reasons Our Player Base Might Be Too Good!!! *NUMBER 8 WILL SHOCK YOU*

  • When Anthony Kongphan streamed Breakaway I became more aware of how rough it is to start playing Breakaway as a new player. He kept getting into games against seasoned players and even expressed how it wasn't fun to play against these competitive players and he isn't a total new player to the game either so it has to be a worse feeling when the player is completely new. I think it's that same feeling that keeps newer casual players from staying in the game.

    In my opinion the way Breakaway is right now isn't very new player friendly solely because as soon as you queue for an arena you are put into a match with some of Breakaway's best players. No amount of practice matches can prepare you for a game against people who are pro or close to pro and as a new player it can be tough to lose a game like that and want to continue. It can be very frustrating to a new player to come in and not really understand the basic mechanics of the game and then get run through by our hardcore player base.

    I bring this up in hopes that we can try to start the conversation about a fix for this since we are still pretty far off from having match making or even a player base big enough for match making.

    Some band-aid solutions?:

    1. Maybe we can have a queue where you have to have a certain amount of gold to get into or some similar requirement that has something to do with the amount of time you have played.
    2. Try to set up more in-houses so we can get our more hardcore players out of the normal queue (obviously would be better with customs)

    I know it's hard to try to come up with an answer for this because the queue times are already super long at certain points in the day and then it becomes a question of is it better for the new player to be in long queues for games were they can actually have fun and learn or is it better to get them into games quicker only to get stomped in 5 minutes? We have a lot of bright minds in the community and hopefully we can come together and figure out a solution.

    Note: Sorry for poor grammar and for not being very concise with my thoughts but I've been thinking about this topic for a while and figured I should just vomit my thoughts it into the forums sooner rather than later

    P.S. Not even sure if this is something to worry about this early on but you guys can let me know if I'm jumping the gun on this one.

    TL;DR It sucks that a new player can come in and play their first game against pros let's come up with a solution

  • It does suck and I see many people leave after facing premades. I also have a friend who quits as soon as we lose 3 in a row. There are some streamers who play solo queue and that's nice! But we still have great players queued as a team and the streams slowly start going away until there is only 1 because players aren't having fun and quit. I understand the team play as they are practicing but it is alienating a lot of players.

  • From what ive heard, the devs are working on matchmaking and custom games which should lighten that load. Competitive players are trying to not stack until later in the day/night so as to que with other stacked players. BUT que syncs dont always sync and whats left is usually nothing short of a stomp. this will be fixed with matchmaking/custom games as soon as they are public. So as rough as it is right now, we'll be rewarded with a more stable que system hopefully soon .

  • A traditional solution to this problem in other fields of gaming and sports is to use a handicap system that lets lower rated players have an advantage against higher rated players. This keeps the pool of eligible players maximized at all times of day or night.

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