Allow Tutorial to be paused

  • During the Tutorial, allowing new player's extra time to get used to the Abilities (shown in the Pause Menu), and freely change their settings would be convenient. Currently, it feels like player's are rushed through the Tutorial, potentially making it more difficult for them to learn the game.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Good feedback. What do you think of us adding a "Settings" button to that first dialog in the tutorial? That way you could star the tutorial right away, or launch settings right away?

  • That'd be awesome. First thing I wanted to do was change my visual settings once I got in, so I think that'd help out.

    On the side, the Tutorial is currently forced on players, as they don't have an option to skip it (unless I missed that), and are immediately placed into it after launching the title for the first time. Is this something that's planned to change? Personally, I've seen plenty of gameplay through various videos, which inspired my to try the game out myself. But, by that time, I was already aware of everything the Tutorial was offering, so it'd be nice to skip it.

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