AI Prioritize healing over Ball Control with less than 10 seconds in the match

  • While in a Practice match against AI, the AI will prioritize running back to their base to heal over moving the ball off of their half of the map when there's less than 10 seconds left. Essentially, this occasionally causes them to run away from the Relic Carrier at the end of a match, even though the ball is on their side.

    Twitch ID: Shinu0567
    Version of Windows: Win10
    Amount of physical RAM: 20GB
    Video Card: Nvidia GTX 770
    Running or streaming anything in the background? No
    Wired or Wifi? Wired
    Time Zone: PST

  • Global Moderators

    @shinu0567 Thank you for letting us know. Ill get it to our Devs.

  • to add to this they also prioritize building destruction

  • Global Moderators

    @kronic_gg Sounds like they based them off of my play style - I can hit buildables. :) Got this added to the bug report.

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