21x9/Ultrawide Support

  • I play on a monitor that's wider, its a 21x9 screen, the resolution is 2560x1080. Now the game does technically support that resolution, but the interface and UI are messed up and all over the place. Sometimes a few buttons don't even show up.
    So I had to resort to 1920x1080, but it's stretched, and isn't really the best solution. I'd love for this game to have perfect support for 21x9. Thank you

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks for the feedback, we added it to the list of future improvements that we're considering.

  • Hey, I'm downloading the game now and have a 21:9 monitor. Could you put some screenshots or something of how it looks to compare? Broken 21:9 support can ruin a game for me. If true 21:9 can't be achieved is there a way to do letterboxed 16:9 like Overwatch or many other games of that nature, because while true 21:9 is far superior, I have no real problem with that method.

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