1. Its make sense to upgrade Armor Penetration, if no one in enemy team uses Armor upgrade? Will I make more damage in this case?
    2. +30% Bldg dmg, +20 Bldg dmg - please clarify more clear: which is provides more damage on buildings, and which - makes own building stronger (also: what about Jara's trap? what benefits it takes from this upgrade?)
    3. Jara's "Q" skill (jump) pretty jumping top-to-down, but worst on down-to-top (I can't catch up with a jump when the bot runs up the steps)
    4. Bots are unfair: they destroys invisible Jara's traps, even if didn't see it before
    5. Is Korryn's field are fair and slows enemies in % of their current maximum speed (include Speed upgrades and Jara's self-buff ("E" skill))?
    6. Sometimes bots stuck on the ascents and shooting in wall, instead of buff-crystal (in case when crystal is at a higher level than bot)
    7. How gold-points and exp are calculated? I noticed that in game with bots - I receive 60 or 75 or 90 of gold-points (and about 125 when playing on Arena), but I can't understand on what it depends. Also - no info about exp points at all (I not see how many points I received after game on Arena/with bots as well as the number of gold-points)
    8. Maybe it may make sense to add extra things during the match:
      A) decrease respawn time
      B) fast treatment
      C) fast CD recovery
      Each benefit costs 300+ coins

    Thanks for ur work again, guyz, and sorry for my eng))

  • To answer a couple of your questions (the ones I can answer):

    1. Armor Penetration has no effect past 0. Everyone starts with at least 5 armor, so buying 1 Armor Penetration is always going to help your damage, but if they haven't bought any other armor upgrades then going past 1 Armor Penetration is useless.
    2. 30% Buildable Damage makes YOU do 30% more damage to ENEMY buildables. +20 Buildable Damage makes enemies TAKE 20 damage when they attack YOUR buildables.
    3. Their UI has just recently undergone a huge overhaul, so if specific stats aren't showing it's good to note them. There used to be a screen at the end of the match that told you where all of your exp and gold came from, it's mostly a combination of kills, scores, round wins, etc.

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