ButtaButtaFeedback #6

  • ButtaButtaFeedback #6

    Hi everyone! Time for another ButtaButtaFeedback! This time I’ll be breaking off a special The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly section dedicated towards the new UI changes, with another dedicated to the overall game experience. As always, what follows is purely my personal opinion, by no means do I assume I’m 100% right on all of this. If you disagree, I’d love to hear it! Enjoy!

    Might be a couple redundancies as I was taking these down as notes throughout the weekend, apologies if you see any!

    New UI

    The Good

    • SO PRETTY!
    • MOST of the layouts are great, well positioned information right where it feels natural to be (see The Ugly for specifics that aren’t).
    • Locking in my character choice feels good/satisfying in terms of visuals and audio

    The Bad

    • Performance issues with the new ui, especially when selecting between characters rapidly.
    • Showing the Warrior you’re “hovering” over is almost unnoticeable, especially for new players
    • Still lacking audio response for UI interactions. Every interaction with anything clickable should have an associated response.

    The Ugly

    • Switching news stories takes 1-2 seconds to download the image (on fiber internet) every time. Is there no caching?
    • Escape key should be able to go “back” from menus (minor, but helps interactions feel more natural)
    • Relic Perk should still pop up before being able to lock in completely (this one I’m a bit iffy on, as games like LoL don’t pop up your mastery page before locking in, so it may not be necessary).
    • Warrior Abilities begins dismissed on the UI
    • Show name of the customization when hovering your mouse over it, instead of just the type of customization (i.e. I should be able to see which relic perk I have selected by hovering my relic perk rather than switching to a new screen)
    • Relic Perk is not visible anywhere in-game. Maybe put this somewhere on the Tab menu? Would be great to see EVERYONE’s relic perk.
    • Bottom right of the Warrior Select screen is pretty messy.
      • No text around each of the 4 selectables (Skin, Weapon, Taunt, Relic Rune).
      • “Ability Header” I assume is placeholder text at the moment, but really that should be expanded by default as it takes up no room and has very important information for newer players. It probably doesn’t even need to have the option of collapsing it.
    • While waiting in queue, 2 of the 3 options take me to the Warrior screen. This is redundant. Would like it if selecting my last played warrior takes me to the Warrior screen, while the other big “Warriors” button section is repurposed for lore or something later on.
    • Party UI is still severely lacking. Party/Team chat is still very hard to find for new and veteran players alike.

    General Feedback

    The Good

    • Lots more new faces in games. Queues were fantastic Thursday/Friday nights
    • Getting out of matches was much better! (Still have a gripe with it, see The Ugly)
    • The streamers who were playing were generally enthusiastic about the game, compared to weeks past. Keep getting folks who would like this genre, rather than those who just have big viewer bases. Also would be great to have them playing with a dev or knowledgeable community member (wink) to guide them through games.

    The Bad

    • Input delay/desync - This was the first week I noticed input delay being a big issue. Repeatedly throughout several matches I would have my inputs delayed or just reversed (i.e. running the relic on Sai and I try to use my dash to avoid an attack, the dash animations and audio begins to play, then I snap back to my old position and find my defensive shield put down and the relic fumbled). Happened numerous times both with the relic and regular warrior abilities, though the relic ability delays were by far more apparent.
    • General network performance - I was getting quite a few packet loss popups (not sure what servers I was playing on when it happened unfortunately) and a lot of times it felt like the hit-stun changes were back as I would run away from enemies but be snapped back to a position when I got hit.
      Bots felt like they took a step backwards. Ran into tons of situations where the bots either just sat still in the relay or in the middle of the map, or they would just make really bad decisions about what to prioritize (retreating to heal during the last 10 seconds of a round, etc).
    • Crashes - Thursday night especially, I had multiple games in a row where a player on either team would crash transitioning from warrior select to loading the map (this seems to be the only place crashes were occurring though, which is good news!). Luckily, I only had it happen twice this weekend. I’m sure you guys have a big priority on crashes, so I won’t get into why it’s important to fix :)

    The Ugly

    • Party management is still messy and wrought with issues.
    • Friends could be online but it takes a good amount of time before they can actually be invited to party
    • No visual indication of party members pending invites
    • Long delays between accepting invites and party formation



    • Buildables still feel useless in most matches, outside of S-Tier Argus/Alona. They’re either ignorable or gold pinatas that might require someone’s attention for around 7 seconds to destroy. See Proposals for suggestions to improve this!
    • Overall map design is great. Would love to see Shrine of Auros have a similar design to Atalla Prime instead of being perfectly symmetrical vertically and horizontally, but overall they’re both fun maps with much different dynamics!
    • As mentioned here buffs are 50/50 snipe wars most of the time. This can work in games where buffs respawn, but with the short round times and non-respawning buffs, I agree buffs should probably be about territory control. See Proposals for more on this.


    • ButtaButta Tier List
    • Getting more comfortable with Argus as a bruiser, so he’s high B-Tier for me now.
    • Rawlins remains with the same issues, keeping him C-Tier. Making his projectiles faster would likely put him in B or A tier, and possibly S-Tier with a better Ult.
    • No other real changes here from my last feedback.


    • As mentioned more fully in this post, change the way buildables function by letting players put down a permanent buildable location for those other than traps, and allow players to rebuild their buildable if it gets destroyed (MAYBE at the cost of some gold) and possibly remove gold bonus for destroying them.
    • Change buffs to be point-captures, that only need to be captured once per round. Being able to re-capture buffs might work as well, but I worry it would affect the flow of the game too much.
    • Use the player’s twitch icon to show which Warrior they are hovering over.
    • Warrior Abilities should start visible, and be dismissable (opposite of current)
    • Display the Warrior Customizations more prominently on screen after locking in.
    • Relic Perk needs to be more prominent throughout the selection process, as it is the only customization that directly affects gameplay.

    As always, thanks for reading, and thank you to AGS for the opportunity to test this game! You can always find me on Twitter and Twitch. Again, let me know what you guys think about the current game balance below!

  • You said: "Input delay/desync - This was the first week I noticed input delay being a big issue..."
    You experienced this on a west coast server but for us on the west coast it was pretty smooth. When we get placed on an east coast server it's the same thing for us. Running over the ball does nothing etc. Anyway, we watched your team struggle on a west coast server.

  • @orillie I assume it happened when I'd get on East Coast servers (I'm West Coast), but my latency was never very high where I would expect to see this kind of delay.

  • @buttabuttajam I think it has to do with where your teammates are as well as if it tries to compensate or something. No idea. Were you all west coast? I only saw 1 match where you guys were missing passes etc. Anyway, when we play with someone from Hawaii (which is still closest to west coast of course) our inputs still takes a drop as far as we can tell.

  • @orillie Yeah when I was queued with 4 we had dudes in central and east coast.

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