Relic Airlines

  • Twitch ID: ButtaButtaJam
    Version of Windows: 10
    Amount of physical RAM: 16gb
    Video Card: GeForce 1060
    Running or streaming anything in the background? Google Chrome
    Wired or Wifi? Wired
    Time Zone: PST

    Could be network related, but while holding the relic you can quickly Pass (E) then Dash (RMB) and your character will fly along the path of the pass. Didn't get any clips of this over the weekend, but it was pretty reproducable. If I can manage to find some footage I'll edit this and post it!

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    @buttabuttajam Thanks for this bug report!

    I've submitted it to our devs so they can take take a look, if you come across any footage and link it here I'll make sure to add it to the case.

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