Feedback Roundup 7/25

  • Hey, you! The devs need your feedback and ideas on some stuff! This is the first post in hopefully many to come where I will be grouping the feedback requests by our tall, good looking developers, so that we can get more engaged in the discussion as a community. If you have any requests or ideas, please feel free to PM them to me or mention them in this post!

    These are specifically posts where an AGS dev has asked for feedback from us, not just all of the orange posts.

    Check out these links below and jump into the discussion, otherwise you'll always be the kid who gets picked last in dodgeball!

    That's it for today, possibly the week. I encourage everyone to give feedback on all facets of the game on these forums, it's one of the best ways to let the devs know what you like and dislike, and to spark discussion on interesting topics of the game!

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