Real try mode

  • So when you click on a warrior there's a button that pops up now and says practice and throws you into a bot game but what if instead of that it throws you into a game with no bots, no goals and no timer. Essentially being a place where you can practice sliding, ball throwing, character movement and getting familiar with characters before jumping into a match. We can even have like several dummies standing still so you can practice aiming skill shots and such! I feel like this could be really helpful especially if people are unfamiliar with warriors and just want somewhere they can learn the warriors at their own pace!

  • Agreed!

    I thought this existed in previous builds, not sure why it was removed.

    I'd love as well to be able to join an empty practice map with my party, sort of an empty sandbox version of the map that we can practice positioning and plays on.

  • reviving this from the dead!!!

  • totally agree, and why not also add this with group of players who may like to experiment and come up with some new Play Books and Strats?

  • thanks for the feedback guys! I really hope they implement this in the future <3

  • +1 ! would be awesome :)

  • +1! Also it would be useful to have some "need-healing" dummies in order to test healing outputs for Alona and Gallion

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