Vulkan Graphics API support/ Graphic API option

  • Recently i just read an article about Vulkan API and Crytek news
    "Cry engine 5.4 Update Adds Vulkan Graphics API" Source news link(Game-Debate)
    if i am right.. Amazon "Lumberyard" is based off of Cry Engine

    what are potential benefits of Vulkan,
    +Open Platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux,
    +lower overhead
    +less CPU Bottleneck
    +offer higher performance and more balanced CPU/GPU usage
    what i'm saying is, this may help and open up to gamers who are using low end and/or Low-mid spec PC Gamer on minimum hardware optimization Level,

    2nd: allow the user to choose API graphic under video settings by end user.
    DirectX11 or Vulkan

    will it be possible to add support Vulkan API integration for Breakaway in the future update?
    sorry for my poor potential grammar, i hope i am making sense with this topic

    is this a good idea/Suggestion?

  • I think this would be an excellent thing. The difference between Vulkan and DX 11 is night and day. I doubt DX 12 will be much different.

    DOOM has Vulkan support and I can tell you I go from 40-60 FPS in DX 11 to well over 110 FPS steady in Vulkan on max settings with no loss of the gorgeous graphics. Almost double the FPS. And my card isn't great (MSI r9 390X 8 GB) - it's expensive, but not the best for the money.

    I think having Vulkan support would seriously open up the game to more people who's systems might struggle with it now, or people who aren't getting the full graphics experience of Breakaway.

  • if it isn't a hassle to add to the game i would love for them to add it.

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