Never get a game when connecting from Australia

  • Hi, I've been in the alpha for a little bit now but I've never been able to get a game unless I pair with someone before the game. I would love it if I could at the very least find games to test the netcode as the game progresses. Unfortunately at this stage I get no games ever and I'm not able to test anything.

  • @moodgem No one is usually playing during Australia prime time. I think they need to recruit more Aussies! It would round out what to me is the late night shift.

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    @moodgem I will inquire about this @orillie might be right, but I would like to get it to the devs. Will you send me your information?

    Twitch ID:
    What version of Windows are you using?:
    The amount of physical RAM in the machine:
    What video card(s) are you using?:
    What version/build of the game are you using?:
    Did you update your video card driver?:
    Are you running or streaming anything in the background?:
    Did you update your network driver?:
    Wired or WiFi?:
    What time zone are you set to:

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