Mac virtualization

  • I tried to participate, and went as far as installing Windows 10 on VirtualBox to do it. (I'm not expecting fantastic performance, even with 3D acceleration enabled.) I installed Twitch and Breakaway.

    When I try to start Breakaway, I get a Lumberyard dialog error that claims the emulated video card is unrecognized, and might cause crashes or instability. There is no way to get past this dialog: pressing either OK or Cancel dismisses the dialog without any further progress.

  • what are the specs of your computer? even though you can use emulation it doesn't mean your computer can handle the game itself.

    Also there is currently no plans or requests for a MAC version so you should probably hit the devs up about it

  • The virtual machine has 2 cores of a 3.1Ghz i7, 8GB RAM, 120GB HD, virtualized graphics based on a Irs 6100, on Windows 10.

    Definitely not expecting great graphics or anything. I just wanted to participate in the server test.

    I know there are no Mac plans, and I hope the posts from myself and other Mac users change their minds.

  • @judebert if possible i would look into bootcamp on your mac and see if it is something possible for your machine if so then you can go about running an actual version of windows and not VM. recommend you look more into it and see if it is possible on your machine and worth trying,

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