Multimonitor support needs a dev to attend

  • I was just getting the game installed on a new laptop machine for my buddy who uses a large screen TV to play via HDMI.
    This process is a mess. The game defaults on the laptop screen, so you need to set it to windowed mode to get it on the TV (second screen). But you can only do this with regular windowed mode since you need a title bar to drag it. However, once you get it on the other screen, the bottom of the game hangs off the bottom of the screen by the width of the title bar, and you cannot resize it. This is pretty bad since the command bar that has the keyboard commands (QER) is off the the bottom of the screen. So you can try to put in borderless mode, but this moves it back to the laptop screen. Full screen likewise. So at this time I am unable to get an acceptable way to play on the second monitor.

    To get the full feeling for this, install a fresh version of the game on a laptop, plug in a screen via HDMI with the desktop spanning two screens, and try to play the game.

    Twitch ID: ancientuncle
    Version of Windows: 10
    Amount of physical RAM: 16g
    Video Card: nv1070
    Running or streaming anything in the background? no
    Wired or Wifi? wifi
    Time Zone: HST

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    @krokedkroked Thanks for the detailed report. I've sent this along to our developers. I know they are aware of the multi-monitor issue with having to go windowed mode to change monitors, but I don't think we have any other reports for the command bar being moved off screen. Good catch!

    The developers have been known to pop in on the forums at times so you may see a response from them here. If they let us know anything we will also pass it along to you.

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