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  • Hey everyone, Kalo here! These are just some quick suggestions I've thought of after using the forum so far! Love the clean layout already, can't wait for more to come :D

    Profile Pictures
    This seems like an obvious one that I assume would be implemented eventually anyway, but just for the sake of doing so, giving users the option to select their favorite warriors to use as their profile pictures (and maybe some other things like the Relic symbol or even symbols representing each of the maps) would be awesome, along with letting players upload their own photos to edit with a crop tool to fit the necessary size required and use as well.

    General Profile Settings
    The option to toggle displaying your age.

    The option to toggle displaying when you were last online.

    The option to only show your own posts instead of posts and replies. This can go further to include options such as only my posts + my replies on my own posts or replies on other people’s posts, or if possible, even just an option to select specific interactions and posts you’ve made to show up on your profile.

    Current Issues
    Editing posts and replies I’ve already made is inconsistent. Sometimes the edit goes through but won’t show up for me after I save it, other times I’ll just straight up get an error message.

    If you press on the vertical “...” on your profile to open the settings and click the locked “Account Info” option, sometimes it brings me to this screen ( Other times, it tells me I don’t have access to the page, then when I try to access any other pages including my own “settings” and “edit” features, the site will tell me I don’t have access to those pages either. I haven’t been able to consistently remake this bug, and I’m not sure which pages I’m supposed to be able to see and which ones I’m not.

    Possible Features
    Different choices for website backgrounds.

    An option to display “Top” posts on top of the categories tab instead of recent posts.

    A way to organize tags (I understand that right now there are only a few, but because they can be made by anyone, it may get difficult to sift through them later on, and cleaning them up every once in awhile [deleting ones that are only used once or twice and not recently] is a simple way to keep things from getting too chaotic and even guiding the community’s tagging in a non-intrusive way).

    A setting that allows users to check off which categories they want showing up in their unread category so you don’t have to re-select your usual options every time.

    And that's it! Thanks for reading, hope this can be of some help.

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