Sponsored Streamers

  • First I would like to say that I enjoyed all the sponsored streamers that I've come across this weekend! The ones that I've played with have been awesome and are generally intrigued by the game. They want to learn more about the game. This being said there are some of the bigger streamers that didn't really know how the game worked and couldn't really read chat for tips from community members since it was moving so quick. Thus, making it slightly frustrating for them to figure out some stuff. Some things that were being suggested by some community members are either some type of beginners guide that could be sent to them or some way for them to ask questions to the community members.
    What I've also heard from many of them is "Oh I want to play this character" or something along those lines. That being said many of them don't/won't play long enough to unlock them through playing enough games. Would it be possible to give the streamers access to all the characters at the start instead?
    Thanks for reading!

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