ButtaButtaFeedback #7

  • ButtaButtaFeedback #7

    Hey gang, ButtaButtaJam (or maybe ButtaBu if you played this week…) here with a shorter post than usual as not much has changed from this week to last week. I’ve got some other projects in the works but I wanted to get some feedback up!

    TL;DR - Visually the game is getting amazing. Functionally the game is stagnant, and in some areas underperforming.

    The Good

    • The new UI seems to have improved in terms of little bugs here and there.
    • Obviously Rawlins’ skin is AMAZING, I’m absolutely loving the new art direction with him and other characters.
    • Rawlins’ range increase was needed, maybe VERY slightly more but it’s in a good spot.
    • Playerbase was growing this weekend. Still not the dream 24/7 queues, but there were only a handful of games I got with regular community members.

    The Bad

    • I was very much looking forward to testing Rawlins’ hitscan changes, only to find out he’s still very much projectile based and his projectiles are still slow.
    • It was hard to tell whether or not his ult was actually hit scan, due to the lag, although it seemed like it was “trying”? There were times where I had my hit indicator and wasn’t landing any damage, and other times I would get killed through walls or just have other Rawlins not missing shots even though they’re clearly not facing me.
    • The lag/desync is bad, regardless of whether or not I’m on a west coast server. My client displaying the beginning of an animation, only to have it cancelled by something else feels horrible.
    • One very laggy interaction in particular that I can repeat is to grab the relic and jump just as you pick it up, charge a toss, and release before hitting the ground. This causes all sorts of warping of the character on what should be a clean play.
    • Still having heavy performance issues with the new UI when quickly swapping between characters. I assume it has something to do with loading the Warrior models constantly back and forth, needs some kind of asynchronous solution even if there’s a slight delay in the warrior showing up.
    • Melee range is still way too short, or melee and ranged need some kind of indicator on the ground to show their distances. A lot of times I prefer to run a Rawlins instead of a Jarra or Argus as our “melee”, because he has enough distance to actually hit people.

    The Ugly

    • Party forming and the whole party interface is still very much an ugly experience. Issues with not being able to invite people and having no information displayed about why, taking more than 1 second to actually see an updated party interface after someone accepts the invite.
    • Not sure what the idea was behind the symbols in the loading screen, but obviously they were super misplaced and looked ugly overlapping the players’ names, regardless of having “Texture Not Found” or not.

    I also want to ask a question to the community and devs regarding marketing and pushing the game. Do people feel like the game is in a state that we should be pushing eSports events and bringing in upper echelon streamers to get people interested in the game? I haven’t been able to sit down and fully think through this, so I this may just be a bit of a ramble, but I get an odd feeling that the game is being pushed way too hard for its current state. It's this weird limbo because I want to see a larger playerbase, but don't want people turned off because of alpha issues. People come in, they like the concept, then bail because of X, Y, or Z reason, but usually something to do with an issue that a lot of us in the community tend to shrug off because we understand it’s an alpha. I suppose I mostly just hope that AGS isn’t putting their full effort into marketing right now despite all the awesome events we’re seeing, and that when the game is really ready they go nuts pushing it.

    That does it for this week, like I said much shorter feedback! Hopefully these performance issues can get taken care of so the marketing team can really push the game and get a positive response. Thanks for reading - as always, catch me on Twitch and Twitter.

  • Obviously Rawlins’ skin is AMAZING, I’m absolutely loving the new art direction with him and other characters.

    Drop microphone!
    Feelsgoodman! Thanks for the kind words! 8)

  • I worry about making balance claims and such because of how awful the netcode is. Been doing some Jarra shenanigans myself this last week, and it's usually better for me to "aim to miss" my attacks and leap towards the opponent because of the latency.

    Rawlins is also in that questionable boat: I don't think anyone can confirm 100% if his primaries are hitscan or projectiles. You hit buffs or buildables and it seems to be instantly, but you try to hit a moving player and I'm still leading shots like I have been this entire time. Not to mention his weird ultimate bug that sometimes just hits players you're not aiming at for whatever reason.

    I really don't like how much the game is being pushed right now, from a marketing stance. There's so many things that need to be fixed and come together all at once, and that simply isn't happening yet. We've had one good weekend netcode wise (week 4) and that disappeared for whatever reason. Just seems like the devs are all working on their separate tasks, but aren't communicating as a whole group well enough.

  • I feel like they should put the game back in closed alpha with invite only for a couple of more weeks! It was very frustrating seeing streamers crash over and over while playing the game.

  • Great post as always speaking most of which I am thinking.

    To add to the Rawlins issue a lot of funny stuff would go on with making people flinch to ulting and killing people through thor walls and even killing Throgrim when he is in his invincibility. Really weird not sure if based on lag or other issues.

    On the marketing of the game its a weird point in the game at the moment while i can see the points of don't market to hard on a game that is in alpha with bugs, i can also see why it is vital for the development of the game. For example most of the community at the moment is about 20 - 40 people give or take that play the game regularly if only our opinions on the game were taken then the game would be developed for this small group and not for everyone even when we try thinking outside the box.

    By doing these marketing pushes the devs can get some good information from the new players. say that the player does not like the game now we go into the question why don't you like it?, what can we change? etc.. I can see the point that is mainly made with the issue of the lag, once people saw that point they stopped playing, so the rest of the possible data on the game mechanics and such might not be seen since the player never got that far.

    While this week had a lot of issue i saw a lot of good data such as the need for a more advanced tutorial teaching new players specifics tech on the game which i posted in another post. I trust in the devs and marketing team that they have a specific plan in place if not gaining more players then gaining other valuable data they can use to improve the game.

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