Shooting the ball

  • Consider this humble feedback from a new player (just came across the game this weekend due to streamers). I've been enjoying the game thus far, but there's a few things that I wanted to share with respect to the "ball" itself that were not obvious, and not so great (imho).

    1. The fact that I could "charge" to throw the ball further. Totally had no idea. In fact, I realized it because I panicked while trying to juke someone, held down the shoot button, and then realized I threw it further when I released.
    2. The physics of the ball feel very un-natural. It feels like it's made of the most dense material known to man. I'm not sure what prior iterations looked like, but I'd at least expect a little "bounce" and "roll" going on.
    3. The arc/distance, even fully charged, feels super short and weird. Even looking to the sky, I feel like how my 1-year-old must feel as he's learning to throw - i frequently find it landing at my feet due to not much distance or arc.

    The reason I bring the above up is I think it'll actually feel more natural and easy to players. The above would also bring some increased speed to the game, which I would say it needs a little of. The other capability it could bring up is, why can't I indoor-soccer style throw a ball at a nearby wall to bounce it around an enemy player? Or toss it over their head if they're not paying attention?

    As a new player, I feel like if you're going to make me fumble every time I'm hit with the ball, you have to give me a broader skillset to do something to avoid fumbling while I'm carrying the ball besides just passing and a juke (both of those are good options, mind you, just need more).

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