What do you want to hear about next?

  • What’s up everyone, it’s JustCallMeBau. In the past we’ve posted a few articles going into depth about several different elements of Breakway (the running game, IP re-work, stats sheets etc), and we wanted to hit up the community to see what other potential articles or information that you may be interested in seeing next? A follow up to the running game article? Insight into character design/creation process or level design for Breakway? Hit us up, and let us know.


  • @justcallmebau i would love to see more about the level design of the game. For example we have the great post by Simon on the development proccess for these new skins I think it would be amazing to have the same type of article showing us more about designing the levels such as Shrine of Auros symmetry to other things like Atalla Prime's map specific elevators.

  • I really enjoyed the articles that we used to have in the past when you dedicated a single week to a character. There would be separate articles talking about a single warrior's story, art design, and finally their playstyle/kit. It really made me feel like I was getting to know the character and felt a little more attached to them.

  • +1 for level design, or a combination level design and character design article.

    Also maybe start doing Character Lore articles!

  • I'm going to have to agree with FlipdUp. With the changing of the lore and characters I would love to have the a weekly or even bi-weekly post focusing on one character. I loved reading about creation, where you guys started the process to get to the final character design, and down to the lore. I felt more vested into the characters and the game overall. Hope this makes a come back.

  • I'm all about esports so something along those lines would be awesome!

  • I'm a big fan of lore. It would be cool to see how each character is tied to the different arenas and how they ended up competing. Backstory into each individual warrior etc etc. In depth articles on how each story was created and how the final draft was chosen would be really cool as well.

  • Details for

    • people who would like to volunteer to help AGS out at any cons or tournaments they set up at.
    • people who are willing to take care of their own expenses to come visit AGS (if we are allowed to do so)
    • any upcoming events in the future that isn't just twitch con

    A codex (which can be freely updated by any of the employees in charge of character design) created for each character in the game with the following details

    • Lore
    • Abilities and how they work
    • Initial stats without items
    • their counters
    • their strengths & weaknesses

    The payment model

    I and many other people would really like to know how the game will be handled even if we are told a rough draft of it, when we should expect it to be announced, or the set goals you guys have that need to be completed before announcing a payment model.

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