New Tutorial

  • Had a lot of fun playing with everyone this weekend and teaching the new players about the game. When volunteering and teaching the new players about the game I realized that the tutorial does not do good job teaching everyone the basics of the game, leaving a lot of questions when jumping into their first match which leads me to my proposal for a new tutorial system for the game.

    Tutorial 2.0

    in the past new players started with about 1500 gold if im correct now they start with 0. I would suggest allowing new players the ability to gain this 1500 gold through a new tutorial system that is split into three separate tutorials ( beginner, intermediate, Advanced).

    Beginner: movement, skill, and ball buttons. buying items
    Intermediate: sliding, win requirements, buildables
    Advanced: more sliding tech such as jumping the gap on Shrine of Auros, relic attributes. or maybe just a regular bot match the player plays.

    At the end of each of these tutorials the new player will gain 500 gold allowing them to buy a character of their choice when they complete all of them. I feel that this system or others like it can really help them understand the base mechanics of the game while rewarding them for doing so.

    Hope this idea makes sense looking forward to seeing you all this weekend for another weekend of great testing


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