Change the 3rd way you can win in this game to...

  • tl;dr: team that holds the ball the longest on enemies side wins

    So there's 3 ways to win

    1- Score in the goal
    2- Kill all enemies
    3- Territorial win

    I think the first 2 are good, but the 3rd needs a bit of changing. It just doesn't seem fair how one team can have great control of the ball the entire game, but if they fumble just once in the last 10 seconds and the enemy team chucks it over the half court line the enemy team gets the win. They should only get rewarded if they make a break away ALL the way to the goal, not just over the half court line.

    What I suggest is the team that has control of the ball on the enemies side the longest gets a win. There can be a hidden counter that tracks how long the ball is on each side of the field and when the match ends something like the splatoon thing will pop up but instead of #p it'd be #s (number of seconds)

    link text Skip to 4:00 if it's not already there

    imo it's better for a competitive game

  • ehhh, im not sure how i feel about this. In my opinion i believe the way the territorial win is currently set makes for very exciting comebacks. I don't like the ideal of people just camping out for points and winning that way. seems really lame to me.

  • I like territory wins in their current state for the hype they bring. Super close, edge of your seat battles in the final seconds (usually). Changing it to a "who controls the ball longer" seems like it would lessen the hype, although I'm sure there's ways of making it exciting.

    A thought that just popped in my head would be to have small-ish circles that appear in the middle of the map that your team tries to keep the relic inside of in order to grow your "control meter". This keeps fighting focused in specific points rather than the entire half of a map. Teams would have to make the choice between territory fighting, or pushing for a relic score.

  • I agree that territory wins need some sort of change, and would be interested in seeing this tested, although I'm not sure I would enjoy it.

    I think smaller measures can be taken to reward teams who control the ball well. Things have been suggested such as changing the buffs to capture zones that can be re-captured throughout the round, rewarding the team controlling the relic's position, and making death timers stack when more teammates simultaneously die to reward teams that win fights.

  • Having a timer for each side of court sounds a lot less exciting for tied rounds. I like how you don't know if you have secured a point because someone could sneak the relic past your team in the last 5-10 seconds. I think there should be some uncertainty if you aren't getting a team wipe or relic score.

  • I agree that the hype in the last seconds is super fun but it does feel like a rip off when you've been working hard and a little slip up ruins the minutes of work holding it in opposition territory.

    My suggestion is that when the timer runs out a 30 seconds sudden death (no respawn) timer starts, whoever holds the ball the longest wins, or whoever scores/teamwipe.

    This would be a very intense 30 seconds, and would feel fair to players instead of last second A** pulls.

  • My pet peeve with the territory wins is people who repeatedly chuck the relic/run of the edge in opposing territory to run down the last few seconds. It take a second for the relic to pop back up, then another of their teammates grabs it and runs off the edge again. Super cheap ass win method.

  • So here's the thing, I get what you're saying about 1 slip up ruining the round, but it's not like you didn't know the round was ending. This way to win is where teamwork and strategy shines through. Do you push into their territory and try to fight it out? Do you pull back at 45 seconds to make last minute buys, heal up and try to get an advantageous pick? Does your comp favor team fights so you cram it into a corner and dog pile on it until the rounds over? Maybe you even hold it on your side, baiting a fight where you can heal at the relay/leverage your buildables and then make a last 10 second slide for the mid-line. Any game has situations were a little slip up ruins everything you've been planning. That's just part of the game. Territory wins and team kills are probably my favorite part of the game. More high adrenaline then scoring in the relay.

  • I can definitely see your point, especially if you have been the team in control for the majority of the game. That being said though I am a big fan of those last 10-20 second clutch moments where the entire game can be turned around with a few choice plays.

    I can see it being frustrating sometimes if you're on the receiving end of it though. Great to see others giving their thoughts on it though! Keep em' coming!

  • I kinda agree with the OP. Personally, I would love to see sudden death. When the timer runs out no more resurrects the first team to score or kill all opponents wins the round.

  • Funny thing you mentioned Splatoon. This game (Splatoon) is the greatest last-second-winning-team-changer I have ever seen. You literally run as close as possible with the ball (Goldfish Cannon) to the enemy goal as possible without winning and in the last second the enemy catch it and run all the way to your goal while overtime kicked in. Or the same in Splat Zones where the counter goes from 100 to 1 for the first team and then the other team gets control and actually beats it by reaching 0 on their counter. Same for Tower Control. You don't even need to play ranked the same happens in Turf War.

    I'm against this change, it would actually mean that one team which had control the first 3 minutes can just go back and chill at their base with all the buildable defense without worrying much.

    Also the Sudden Death suggestion with no respawns is crap. Both teams just camp at their bases especially when it's only 1on1. Who is going 1on1 with the ball in the fortified enemy base? Fighting? You are in a huge disadvantage with Ballistas, Lightning Tower and Healing. Actually scoring with the ball? Unlikely. It would be a patience game.

  • IMHO, throwing the relic off the edge/running it off the edge should spawn it on the other side of the line in the last 30 seconds.

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