It selects wrong character after locked in

  • I had this happen 3 times in a row. After the second time I killed the game and came back and locked in Thorgrim and again it chose a random character, although I saw Thorgrim on both sides. I had a teammate tell me what character he saw that I had selected as I was locked in and saw it on left and right as Thorgrim and he said it was not Thorgrim. He had me select Kyra and it showed Kyra. Then I selected Thorgrim again and it was actually Thorgrim.
    I also saw this happening on streams.

  • Specs:

    Twitch ID: Orillie
    Version of Windows: 10 Pro
    Amount of physical RAM: 16
    Video Card: GTX 1070
    Running or streaming anything in the background? no
    Wired or Wifi? wired
    Time Zone: PST

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    Super odd! I will get this escalated up to our Dev team so they can look into it further.

  • allow me to back u up on this 1 man

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