ButtaButtaFeedback #8

  • ButtaButtaFeedback #8

    Hey everyone, another week another ButtaButtaFeedback. This one is going to be a bit shorter, due to the fact that I was out of town Friday & Saturday and this week's patch was more focused on stability.

    The Good

    • Crashes be gone. Of the games I played, I didn't crash once, nor did I receive any specific errors while matchmaking. Hats off to engineering!
    • Input lag was less noticeable. Didn't play enough games on various servers to verify if it was better all the time, but definitely a step up from last week.
    • Queue times were great Thursday night and Friday afternoon. Likely due to TDT and the influx of streamers Friday.

    The Bad

    • Still some interactions that are laggy/choppy. The one where you pick up the relic while jumping to the side and trying to quick-toss is still incredibly choppy!

    The Ugly

    • There are several interactions where I was getting hit cursor feedback (yellow lines around my reticle) but no damage was being dealt.
    • Leading shots on Rawlins still feels like a bad interaction. I would love to have all attacks be changed to hitscan (actual hitscan) for all characters to see how that feels.
    • Party System. Still ugly, still a big turnoff for new players.

    Some requests that have been discussed this past week on the forums:

    • Custom Games! Lots of teams are starting to form, and queue sniping is pretty ugly, especially considering the growing playerbase on top of shortened testing weekends. Sundays used to be a good time to get a whole team on and schedule scrims, now we only have evenings and a small window on Saturdays.
    • Team "Try" Mode - A few people have expressed interest in being able to jump into a sandbox-esque match where we can practice without bots, on things like sliding, passing, throwing, etc. Custom games will likely be what takes care of this for the immediate future, as long as we can tell it to not fill with bots! Later iterations would preferably have things like customizable bot lineups/loadouts, stationary bots, etc.

    That does it for this week's feedback. Hoping to have something a lot more robust for next week's, but overall I'm still very happy with the game and the direction it's going, and always impressed by the turnaround time and effort the dev team is putting behind it.


    Also, shameless plug, I encourage newer players to go check out my new YouTube series called Breakaway Taught Quick - Veteran Players also please feel free to offer feedback! Episode 2 is coming tonight!

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